Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

This year we had a rather special Christmas celebration because we celebrated my mother's 61st birthday and Christmas together. All my brothers and sisters (6 families including my family) gathered in Penang Islands on Christmas Eve. My sister-in-law had booked 4 two bedroom-suites in the Gurney Hotel for one-night stay.

Before dinner, we headed to swimming pool to have some fun.

Posted at the swimming pool with my father. Shenny stood next to her grandpa.

Shenny and some cousins had fun in the bath tub in the room.

Little performance at the hotel

First, we had dinner at the Maple Palace Restaurant and celebrated my mother's birthday there.

All children surrounded grandmom for birthday song. Not all in this picture including Shenny.

Next, we headed to Karaoke lounge. There, my sister-in-law had specially hired a professional magician to perform for children in the Karaoke lounge. This took about 1 hour. Then, only singing sessions began.
Finally, we had gift exchange sessions.

Both my mother and father sang.

Shenny and her cousins sang "little donkey".

Children enjoyed watching magician performance.

Children were looking for their presents. Shenny's present were a Dough Stamp from FisherPrice.

All of us had fun in the Karaoke lounge till 2am midnite, then we headed back to the hotel. Surprisingly, none of children felt tired till we put them into bed around 3am.

The next day, we had the family photo at the photo studio.

My parents took photo with all their grandchildren. They are 15 of them now, and the number still increases. In chinese saying...子孙满堂...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Graduation & Concert 2009

Shenny's kindergarten had their annual graduation & concert on 12th November 2009. And Shenny had the chance to dance in the concert too.

Her class teachers (Teacher Ninie & Teacher Thevika) had those children who took part in the concert to practice dancing almost every day for 2 weeks in the school before the concert. Also, advised children to practice themselves at home over weekends with the given CD loaded with song. Shenny's class would perform Dragostea Din Tel. Shenny was very excited about the event and looked forward it to come soon.

Shenny and her friends were not afraid at all on stage. I would say all of them perform very well. This had proved that their teachers were serious and had really put effort to train them.

Shenny posted her dancing dress.

Shenny and her classmates waiting at backstage before their performance.

Dance 1:

Shenny smiled a lot throughout the performance. Mommy reckons Shenny was very happy that she was able to dance on stage finally.

Dance 2:

Mommy only found out Shenny had a 2nd dance performance when saw her appear on stage again, but luckily still able to record bits of her dancing for her remembrance.

During the concert, school also given out awards for some outstanding performance students. Ha...both Shenny and her cousin, Jie Hang are among of them too.

Shenny won the Best English Reader for her 4 year old class.
Jie Hang won the Best Chinese Reader for his 5 year old class.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Shenny finally can wear ear-ring lor.

Actually, mommy had decided to bring Shenny to have her ear-pierce on one of Guan Ying's birthday (19 Sept in Chinese Calendar = 5 Nov in normal calendar). It was believed whoever did ear-pierce on the Guan Ying's birthday, would bring good luck. Mommy knew this is kind of superstitious. Anyway, no harm to believe this. :D

Before that, mommy had to convince Shenny first. Below were some conversations that mommy could remember.
Mommy: "Mommy wants to bring Shenny for ear-pierce."
Shenny: "What is it ear-pierce?"
Mommy: "It means to make a hole at your ears, then you can wear ear-rings."
Shenny: "Is it pain?"
Mommy: "Yes, it will just like mommy pinch you. Mosquito bite."
(Then mommy pinched Shenny on her arm)
Shenny: "Awww..."
Mommy: "Is it pain?"
Shenny: "Yes, a bit."
(Mommy was afraid Shenny will refuse to go for ear-pierce)
Mommy: "E-Win (her little cousin who is 1 year younger than her) also has ear-pierce. She's no scared at all. Shenny is big girl, you should be more brave than her".
Shenny: "Yes, I am big girl."
Mommy: "You wear ear-rings, no one can say you are boy anymore."
Shenny smiled.
However, papa didn't agree with mommy's idea, still...:).

On that day, mommy brought Shenny to one of the goldsmith shop to pierce her ear. Shenny still showed a bit hesitate but mommy kept on telling her about her cousin E-Win. Mommy guessed there was some egoistic in her, then she didn't reject at all.

Ha...on the spot, Shenny smiled when one of goldsmith staff making marks on her ears and she looked in the mirror happily. Then, two goldsmith staffs stood at each side of her, and immediately shot at her ears at the same time. Shenny was shocked when this happen and mommy could see a bit of tears lingering at her eyes. Mommy quickly comforted her by saying "Wow, Shenny is so brave. You are beautiful with ear-rings now." And brought her to look at herself at mirror. Shenny didn't smile also.
Afterwards, Shenny told me in fact, ear-pierce was really pain, she did cry a bit. Still, mommy reassured her that mommy was so proud of her.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gift to class teacher (Part 1)

Yesterday,Shenny took out a piece of paper and began to do drawing after dinner.

Mommy: "Why are you so busy?".
Shenny: "I want to draw something for Teacher Ninie".
Mommy:"Does your teacher ask you to do this?".
Shenny:"No, I just want to give her. I like her so much".

Here is the picture Shenny have come out.

Mommy: "Wow, your butterfly is so beautiful. Mommy feels so proud of you. Why do you draw butterfly for your teacher".
Shenny: "Because I like butterfly".

Then, mommy asked her to keep in her homework pouch, so that tommorow she can remember to give it to her teacher.
But, when she came back from school, mommy asked her whether her teacher like the drawing. She told me she doesn't want to give her yet, will give her next week.
Hopefully, Shenny will remember this next week.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Keyboard Lessons Update (1)

Shenny goes to have her first keyboard lesson through Musikgarten Programme in November. She looks forward to have a keyboard at home. When she told her wish to papa, papa just said nothing.

When mommy told Shenny that papa has agreed to purchase her a new keyboard after many many days of thinking hard, Shenny was so excited.

Now, Shenny can play keyboard anytime whenever she wants at home. She just walks to keyboard and press a few times whenever she feels bored doing homework, playing toys or watching her cartoon. She even can play keyboard when she is passing stool. Many people might wonder how she do it. Actually, she just sits and drags her potty next to keyboard, and then presses on keyboard. If papa is around, papa would just ask her to sing "poo poo number one to come out, poo poo number two to come..." and so on.

Attached are three short clips Shenny plays simple song..

(Shenny plays a song without singing)

(Shenny plays and sings "Mouse, Mousie" song.)

(Shenny plays and sings "Listen for Bells" after keyboard class.)

Mommy and papa hope Shenny will enjoy her keyboard lesson.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Melaka trip

Papa has a friend's wedding in Melaka on 24/10/2009. He decided to take Shenny and mommy there and stayed for a night in the Mahkota Hotel. Once Shenny got to know this, she kept on telling us "I couldn't wait to see the hotel".
When we had checked in the room, Shenny immediately went to bathroom to check any bathtub available. Once she saw a bathtub inside, she asked for a bubble bath. When mommy said ok, she was very excited. After her bath, we went to the Portugese Settlement to have dinner at Ujong Pasir.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chasing birds

Shenny loves to chase birds and she never wants to miss chances of chasing after them.
Here are two video clips taken to share.

1) Shenny was very excited to chase seagulls at Rotorua lake in New Zealand. Luckily, weather was good and cold wind was very comfortable, could see Shenny never felt tired at all. (April, 2009)

2) Shenny played with pigeons which were found near a chinese restaurant (长城) in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. (September, 2009)

Sunday, October 4, 2009


Shenny received a Hello Kitty (Painting by Numbers) gift from her papa's cousin sister during her visit in The Netherlands.

Shenny likes the gift very much and has long to paint it. Since mommy was busy (lazy??) most of time, therefore she never had chance to do it.
Today(Sunday), mommy was out of blue to ask her to take out the gift and wanted her to do painting. Shenny was very excited.

After reading the booklet instruction, mommy realized this painting was for 6 year old children, however, mommy still wanted Shenny to have a go with it.
Before begin painting, mommy asked Shenny to use normal color pencil to color the sample sheet first. This was to make sure that she understood what color to paint on each number.

When mommy told her to begin her actual painting, Shenny was very excited. Shenny did most of painting except the final outline. She was very careful to paint. She checked across the sample sheet she colored earlier from time to time to make sure she got the color correct.

(Shenny concentrated in painting)

She tried to paint the color within the line, however, since her grips on the paint brush still not very firm, therefore, some part of paintings was a bit messy.

(Shenny's paint)

Mommy then decided to help her in the final touch (draw the black colour outline) and framed it.

Finally, Shenny jokingly claimed herself "I am a good artist".

Thanks for the gift from aunty Yee Wah. For her gift, Shenny get the opportunity to explore her first experience and talent in painting at home as normally she only does painting in art class or school. :D

Letter to papa

After dinner, Shenny suddenly in a mood wanted to write a letter to her papa although her papa was at home. She told her papa about her intention. Papa said "Ok". She took out a piece of paper and then sat at our coffee table. Before writing, she first sticked a windmill sticker at corner of the paper. This sticker was a gift from a shop keeper when we visited Kinderdijk, The Netherlands. After had done that, she began to write. She made her own sentences and would stop occasionally to check against with her papa about word spelling which she didn't know. When she had finished, she passed it to her papa happily.

Mommy found this interesting and therefore would like to share.

(note: person next to her name was her papa)

Until now, Shenny still occasionally reverted the shape of alphabet letter.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sing a big bad wolf

Shenny likes to sing a big bad wolf (大野狼) song. Whenever she wants to sing this song, she would like mommy to take part in singing too (either sing 大野狼 or children portion).
This time, Shenny took opportunity to sing with Popo (婆婆) when she stayed with us. Lets see how both make do the singing. :)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Response to a joke

Sometime ago, "yi chang" 姨丈 (mommy's brother-in-law) decided to check what answer Shenny would give for the following joke.
Yi Chang (姨丈):"Shenny, can you tell me how to put elephant into a fridge?"
Shenny: ""Can not. Elephant is so big, how to put inside fridge"
Yi Chang (姨丈):"Can"
Shenny: "Eh..I would cut the elephant into pieces. Then put it into the fridge..hahaha..."
Mommy: "Wow.."
Yi Chang (姨丈): "Ok. Then how would you put giraffe into the fridge?"
Shenny(laugh first):"I would bend its neck first, then put it into fridge."
Mommy: "Why?"
Shenny: "Because giraffe neck is so long, gotta bend it first lar."
(Inside mommy's heart thought..not bad for reason she gave)

Friday, September 25, 2009

"Shuk Shuk" 叔叔

Don't know why Shenny always so friend to her youngest uncle (叔叔) eventhough she only meets him once a year either in Hong Kong or Holland. Mama said "both of them 有缘 (similar liking). Dragon(龙) and phoenix(凤)(Shenny borned in chicken year, so it is called 凤) are 合得来 (good match)". Shenny never hides her feeling when she likes someone. She always tells mommy and papa "I like shuk shuk (叔叔)".

(Shenny was excited to have an outing with 叔叔. 2009)

(Shenny was lazy to walk, asked 叔叔 to piggy-back her. 2009)

(Shenny requested to sit next to 叔叔 in a restaurant, 2009)

(Had quiet moment with 叔叔 in Hong Kong. 2008)

(Shenny did a funny dance to 叔叔 in Holland, 2007)

(Took a photo before leaving for Malaysia, 2007)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Funtime with mama & popo

Shenny was excited to come to Holland to visit mama (grandmom from papa side). This was her 3rd time to Holland. (1st in 2006 and 2nd in 2007) This year's visit was a bit special because her popo (grandmom from mommy's side) also came along, therefore, Shenny had the chance to play with two grandmothers at same time.
Shenny was a real chatter-box and all time active and this had kept her two grandmoms laugh most of time.

(Mama massage Shenny)

(Shenny used her foot to massage mama gently)

(Shenny played skipping robe with popo)

Haha..Shenny also managed to get popo to sing in front of everyone.

Before leaving Holland, Shenny played a bit with mama and gave her a big hug. Mommy could see some tears lingering in mama's eyes.

Below were two pictures taken separately when Shenny visited mama in Holland in 2006 and 2007.

(Shenny in 14 months-old)

(Shenny in 2 year old)

Mama is always happy to have Shenny around. It seems that Shenny know how to cheer her heart.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Drawings (2)

Mommy would like to share a few latest drawings made by Shenny.

Pretend - take photo

Shenny made a joke this morning while on her way to kindergarten. Here is her conversation.
Shenny:"My eyes can take photos".
Papa: "How?".
Shenny: "Like this". Then she blink her eyes and continue said: "Photo then come out from my mouth. Can slot battery into my nose".
Mommy: "What about if battery flat?".
Shenny: ""Take out the batteries and slot in a new one lar..".
Mommy: "Who teach you this?".
Shenny:"No one teaches me. I like to pretend.".

Haha..nowadays, Shenny likes to come out funny ideas that surprises us. In fact, both papa and mommy like it.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Home again

Shenny was very excited to be home again after 2 nights in the hospital. Her mood was great and she had some singing before bed.
Mommy would like to share this.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Shenny was hospitalized

Shenny began to have fever and cough on Monday (3 Aug 2009) and her fever didn't subside after the 3rd day. Mommy was panic when her fever gone up to 39.6c on Wednesday and immediately sent her to Gleneagle hospital.
The doctor did H1N1 and dengi test but luckily the result were negative. She also had chest X'ray. The X'ray showed that she had viral infections. Therefore, the doctor wanted her to be admitted. Doctor told us Shenny had some difficulty in breathing when cough and phlegm was so sticky that hard to come out.

When Shenny got to know that she would need to stay overnight in hospital, her first reaction was "I don't want stay in hospital. I want to go home. I miss my bed. I miss my hippo". Papa tried to comfort her by saying "You are not alone. Mommy will stay with you".

We had waited for 4 hours, and the hospital only able to get us a four-bed room while mommy's request was single bed room. However, we had no choice, had to take it. It was not an easy nite for both Shenny and mommy as occasionally could hear other childrens cried for discomfort.

After doctor visit in the morning, mommy was informed that Shenny would have to stay in hospital for another day. Quickly, mommy went to request for a single bed room again but was told only twin-sharing available. Mommy then agreed immediately to transfer to twin-sharing room.

When we move to twin-sharing room, Shenny was excited because there is a personal tv for her, it means she can watch her cartoon. However, mommy tried to ask Shenny spend some time in drawing and playing puzzle.

Shenny's class teacher (Teacher Ninie) and headmaster (Mr. Alex) came to visit her. Before they came, she had drawn one picture for her teacher Ninie.
Here it is:

Shenny also drew a picture to describe her doctor. The doctor is big size, fat and bald.

Video clip of Shenny played puzzle:

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Since Shenny was sent to kindergartens at the age of 18, she did learn how to give prayer to God. She would remind mommy and papa to give prayer before food if she remembered. And we would ask her to do that for us. However, she also likes to give prayer whenever she likes. Normally she would say prayer in english but this time she said it in mandarin. Mommy found it the word she said is very interesting and would like to share it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009


As usual, Shenny and papa sat at back-seat while mommy drove them to kindergarten and LRT station separately. Shenny and papa normally would do some small chats.

Shenny had not gone to kinders for 3 days because she was sick. Papa were checking on Shenny's rashes and reminded her not to scratch if she felt itchy. Suddenly, Shenny shouted "Papa, I see something there" and pointed at mommy's seat. Papa quickly followed the direction and found an insect crawling at the back of mommy's seat. Papa then used a piece of tissue to catch it. Papa said " is an ant". Mommy then added "Wow, Shenny has save mommy's life". Shenny quickly replied "I am supergirl" and laughed.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Fold clothes

Shenny complaint mommy not fold her school uniform correctly. Then, mommy asked her to show me.

Lets see how Shenny teach mommy to fold her school uniform. :D

Hehe...not bad actually.

Papa then asked Shenny to help mommy to fold rest of clothing but Shenny didn't want to.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Dental appointment AGAIN !

This is the 3rd visit to Dental Clinic.   Her last visit was 1 year ago.

Shenny was not afraid at all this time. Mommy guess Shenny had trusted the dentist because of her last experience. One of her toothache had gone since last visit. This time she had two teeth refilled; one top and one bottom from her left. The dentist was happy because Shenny co-operated very well and Shenny did not move her head at all when drilling was on.

Papa always put his thumb-up to Shenny from time to time to encourage Shenny when the dentist was working on her teeth.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Drawings (1)

Shenny's interest in drawing has increased nowadays. Here are some of her drawings..

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