Monday, September 28, 2009

Response to a joke

Sometime ago, "yi chang" 姨丈 (mommy's brother-in-law) decided to check what answer Shenny would give for the following joke.
Yi Chang (姨丈):"Shenny, can you tell me how to put elephant into a fridge?"
Shenny: ""Can not. Elephant is so big, how to put inside fridge"
Yi Chang (姨丈):"Can"
Shenny: "Eh..I would cut the elephant into pieces. Then put it into the fridge..hahaha..."
Mommy: "Wow.."
Yi Chang (姨丈): "Ok. Then how would you put giraffe into the fridge?"
Shenny(laugh first):"I would bend its neck first, then put it into fridge."
Mommy: "Why?"
Shenny: "Because giraffe neck is so long, gotta bend it first lar."
(Inside mommy's heart thought..not bad for reason she gave)

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