Monday, December 24, 2012

Holiday Camp 12/2012

Teacher Kelly organized a Two-day X'mas Holiday Camp on 13-14 December 2012.  Shenny and another three friends joined the camp.
There were many activities arranged for these two days.
Shenny and her friends got to learn some new things like music conducting, little ensembles, dance, made Chrismas cookies, art & craft on X'mas ring and etc....

Mommy would let below pictures and video clips to show some activities Shenny and her friends do at the holiday camp.

Children lined up to show the X'mas cookies they made.
Shenny packed these few pieces of X'mas cookies for her grandmother who lived in in The Netherlands.  She wanted her grandmother to taste the cookies she made.
Shenny's music conducting note.

Below video clips were few activities they did in the holiday camp.
a) Practising on some basic rhythm and basic music conducting...
b) Little Ensemble on Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star in three languages
c) Amazing Grace dance

Little Ensemble on ALOHA

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Raised Up With Cold Air Balloon

The Ukulele Sunshine Group was Invited to sing for The World Aids Day on Sunday Dec 2, 2012 at the Berjaya Time Square shopping center in Kuala Lumpur.
After performance, Shenny and friends also took short cold air balloon "flight".
Shenny and friends were happily waiting for their turn for the ride.
And one of organisers came to take photo with them.

Shenny was seen a bit nervous but excited when she had her cold air balloon "flight".

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Her Holiday Grumbling

Her write-up is like this:

This belongs to 
1. Hau Shenny
2. Qi Xuan
3. Su Zhi Yi
Its a beautiful day and birds are singing and the air is full of pretty insects. But, there is a thing that I need to tell you...even it is Holiday we still need to go and work...................................

Mommy found this piece of write-up in Shenny's school bag recently. Actually, this was written in her last school holiday in August.
She and her friends (Qi Xuan and Su Zhi Yi) still have to go to their daycare teacher house and do their business (work/tuition) as usual even that is their school break.

Hmmm, what do they do normally at their daycare teacher house?
Actually, when they are at daycare teacher house, they sometimes help their teacher to do some house chores for example hanging clothes, rearranging bookshelf, cleansing balcony and etc...
And, they also have their quiet reading time, tv time, playtime and tuitions. Even sometimes, the teacher also bring them to swimming pool for a dip.
Mommy thought this is still not too bad as compared to other daycare centre. Shenny gets to learn something else outside from books.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ukulele Sunshine Kids at The Actors Studio, Kuala Lumpur

On the stage..
Shenny and her friends ranging from Age 6 to 8 years old, started to learn ukulele since August 22, 2012, barely 3 months ago and they get to perform for their first Public Performance on STAGE at The Actors Studio (at Lot 10 - Rooftop), Kuala Lumpur for Halloween Concert by KLPAC Junior String Ensembles conducted by Mr. Takahisa Ota on 30th and 31st October 2012.

This was a surprise performance for the audience as it was not listed in the performance list. And the organizer was glad that the audience loved it.

Before the performance, the Emcee approached Shenny and luckily she was able to introduce the songs confidently.

Two performance song are Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in three languages and Pearly Shell.

Another performance song is You Are My Sunshine.

And their next coming up performance will be at KLPAC on 17th November (8.00pm) and 18th November(2.30pm). On that day, they will perform more songs with the Ukulele Sunshine Adults. They will perform at the lobby before the KLPAC Orchestra "Winter Concert 2012" begins.  For those interested, you may drop by KLPAC either these two days.

And their next next appearance will be at Wisma Bentley Music, Mutiara Damansara on 24th November 2012 for "Love Is Hope" Charity Concert.
For those interested, you may drop by the venue and purchase the ticket (RM 30 / person) on spot.

And some photos at The Actors Studio:

With teacher Kelly

Shenny and Lyn Xuan.

Group photo with Mr. Takahisa Ota

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Party

Shenny attended her first Halloween Party organised by Kidzspot at Great Eastern Mall last weekends.

Mommy didn't buy any Halloween costume for her as it was quite costly. However, mommy bought her a beautiful mask. Before that, mommy asked Shenny for what she would like to dress like in the Halloween Party. Her answer was to dress like a princess. Hehe..Shenny did look like a mystery princess when she put on the mask with her pinky dress.

Shenny and her friends were excited and curious as this was their first time attended the Halloween Party.
The organiser arranged a few games for kids such as catwalk (which they competed for the best dress up), treasure hunt (which they ran around the playground to search high and low for stickers and then used that to exchange for gifts),trick or treat (which they traveled from shop to shop in order to ask for treats) and other games.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

4th Place

Shenny took part in her school English Story Telling Contest on 5th September (click here). And she was rewarded a medal at her school Children Day. She had won 4th place in that contest.

Shenny went up to stage to receive her reward with her performance dancing constume on.

Shenny was happily posed with her 1st medal won at primary school.

And a few shots of her dancing at Children Day.
In fact, Shenny and her group had performed the similar dance at a charity dinner which had raised scrumptious donation for her school.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

A Thank You Card

Papa brought home a surprise for Shenny today.  His colleague, Elaine, whom Shenny used to call her as beautiful jie jie, had asked papa to deliver two mini sausages for her.

Shenny was very excited and then she decided to make a Thank You card for Elaine jie jie. 
Shenny wanted her card looks a bit funny by including her picture of eating sausage in the card.

Here was the card she came out:
* can click on the picture to enlarge

This was the mini sausage given to her. 

Saturday, September 22, 2012

First Story Telling Experience at Primary School

Shenny took part in her primary school English Story Telling on 5th September 2012.
This was her first stage performance at school this year. 

The story she presented was "The Sly Fox and The Little Red Hen".

The story is rather long for her age as commented by one of her teachers.  All other contestants for Standard One told their stories less than 2 minutes, while Shenny's story was more than that. 

Since her story was long, Shenny spoke very fast to deliver her story on time.  If not, she might finish her story after 5 minutes. 
She was seen a bit nervous at that time because this was her first time at school.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Shenny and her group Ukulele Sunshine Kids on the news

Shenny and her friends made their first maiden Ukulele public performance at the Event of A Century Moonlight in Petaling Street in conjunction with the Mooncake Festival on 16 Sept 2012. Teacher Kelly Teh has named their group as Ukulele Sunshine Kids.
And they were being featuring in the NTV7 News at 10.30pm on that day.

And this was the recordings of their performance on that night.
They had presented three songs: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, You Are My Sunshine, It's A Small World.

And some interesting photo taken before and after performance...
Rehearsal before performance

Shenny's close shot

人山人海。。但我们的四铉琴阳光孩子一点也不怯場..The Petaling Street is full of locals and tourists...but Shenny and her group Ukulele Sunshine Kids were not having any stage fright at all

Interviewed by NTV7 reporter, but it was not shown on the news

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Her First Essay Assignment

Shenny received a new assignment from her English teacher this week.  The new assignment is to write an essay and the title of essay can be anything.  Shenny chose to write her essay with title as "My joyful day".
Here is the essay which she wrote all by herself.  Some of words like 'actually', 'cruise' , 'balcony' and etc..Shenny was not sure and she did check with mommy, however, mommy didn't give her the answer straight away but wanted her to find out herself through the phonic sound.  She did guess correctly some of words but some were not.

A photo of Shenny at Redang Beach.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Buddies Reunion (2)

Shenny and her few kindy buddies had a second gathering during second term of school holiday (June 2012).

Thanks for Leanne's mommy initiated the plan and volunteered herself to purchase tickets for us earlier before school holiday began.  This time they had the gathering at Kidzania.   However, only Amber, Leanne, Shenny and Xavier could turn up.

Frankly to say that, one visit is not enough to play all.  They need to make second, third or more visits if to finish all games.

Below were few activities they did at Kidzania.

Leanne, Amber and Shenny were happily chit-chat.
These were our group on that day, include Xavier's sister, Leanne's sister and Amber's two big brothers.
All girls joined nursing, learn to take care baby.
Amber, Leanne and Shenny waiting at Air Asia counter. The waiting time is 1 hour plus.
Shenny worked as Flight Attendance for Air Asia.
Shenny as customer and Leanne as hair dresser.

Amber helped Leanne's sister did nail polish.

Both Shenny and Leanne joined wall climbing.

In fact, it was a real surprise to see Shenny dare herself to do this stunt.  Mommy was so proud of her.

Xavier (and his sister), Leanne (and her sister), Amber and Shenny joined the fashion show at end of day.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Buddies Reunion (1)

From one of old posts, mommy mentioned about Shenny's buddies (click here).

First gathering with her buddies at Amber's birthday party during 1st term school holiday (March 2012).

Leanne, Shenny, Qin Yii and Amber
They all first time tried on roller skate. Shenny and Qin Yii fell for a few times and hurt their butt, so they didn't like the game.  However, Amber and Leanne loved the new experience.
The four were exhausted after spent a long hour run up and down at jungle gym.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Her Piano Teacher Bachelor Degree Concert

Shenny attended her piano teacher, Nicole Yap final year Bachelor Degree Graduation Concert at ASWARA on 13th June 2012.

We enjoyed the concert very much.

Here are some of her performances:

Teacher Nicole presented theVariations on a Theme of Malay Folk Song by Charles Wong Chee Wei.

Teacher Nicole (as pianist) and her husband, Stanley Chin (as guitarist) played Cordoba, Op. 232 No.4 by Isaac Albeniz (arranged by Katsuhito Inoue).

You may click to watch Shenny's performance at Japan Club in Kuala Lumpur .

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Her Hero

Mommy found this drawing in one of Shenny's moral subject's exercise books today.

On Saturday, mommy and papa went for Parent-Teacher meeting.  We spoke to a  few teachers and that included Shenny's Moral subject teacher too.  The teacher told us that she liked to ask her students to draw and she could find some answers through the drawing because through drawing, it could reveal inner side of a child.  Mommy reckons her approach is indeed very good, and make the subject becomes more interesting.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Funny Chat (Part 8)

This conversation happened many months ago, mommy could not remember the exact time. But this was real funny, mommy always thinks of it, therefore decides to keep a log in Shenny's diary.  Let her have a laugh of it in future. :)

Mommy overheard Shenny and her cousins' conversation.  They were trying to compare things they had at home.
The conversation was something like below:

Cousin 1 : I have ipad at home.
Cousin 2 : My father has iphone. I always played it at home.
Cousin 3 : I have Ben 10 school bag.. (this is boy's thing, of course Shenny won't have)
Cousin 1 and Cousin 2 immediately replied: I have too.
Cousin 2 : I have piano at home. (at that time, Shenny still had not owned a piano yet)

Above all items, Shenny didn't have any, she just listened, said nothing.

Her cousins continued comparing...
Cousin 2: My father's car has tv. I can watch cartoon in the car...
Cousin 1 & 3 : Yes, I have too....

Then out of sudden, Shenny opened her mouth...

Shenny: My house has a big SWIMMING POOL.

All her cousins were instantly quiet...and stopped comparing. you think this is a big JOKE?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Her Jewellery Tree

Last Saturday (3/3/2012), Shenny complained to mommy that she had not got chance to do art and craft at home for a very long time already.  Instead of going out, she requested to stay at home on Saturday afternoon.

Shenny wanted to work on jewellery tree, the Christmas present she received last year (<<click here>>).  That reminded mommy of the mission that need to be completed before next Christmas come.  Mommy immediately granted Shenny's request.

For this mission, it took two days to complete.  Shenny worked rather slow this time.  Mommy had to lend some hand for her, else it might take even longer.

Here are some shots of work progress:

First step, Shenny chose to paint pink and red colour on each wooden tree model.  

Second step, she slot the two wooden model across each other to form a tree.
Third step, Shenny painted some spots on wooden model to look like leaves and made some spot on tree trunk too. 
Fourth step, Shenny applied super-glue on each spot, so that she could stick twinkling/sparkling stuff to design the tree.  To do all these, Shenny worked a bit slow, that's why mommy came to help.  
Finally, Shenny posed with her jewellery tree.
Jewellery tree hung with some Shenny's hand accessories.

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