Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween Party

Shenny attended her first Halloween Party organised by Kidzspot at Great Eastern Mall last weekends.

Mommy didn't buy any Halloween costume for her as it was quite costly. However, mommy bought her a beautiful mask. Before that, mommy asked Shenny for what she would like to dress like in the Halloween Party. Her answer was to dress like a princess. Hehe..Shenny did look like a mystery princess when she put on the mask with her pinky dress.

Shenny and her friends were excited and curious as this was their first time attended the Halloween Party.
The organiser arranged a few games for kids such as catwalk (which they competed for the best dress up), treasure hunt (which they ran around the playground to search high and low for stickers and then used that to exchange for gifts),trick or treat (which they traveled from shop to shop in order to ask for treats) and other games.


anney said...

I love Shenny's cute costume specially the mask!

prince n princess mum said...

Lovely party, cute costume!

Yan said...

Halloween must be another festive that your kid looks forward in her future growing years.

Jobless Girl said...

Little Halloween party.. :-)

Kitty said...

Nice event! Lovely costume! I like it!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Lovely and nice costume that Shenny had. It suits her alot.

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