Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sing at swing AGAIN !

Shenny requested papa to record her sing when she swing at a park in Cyberjaya.

She said: "I want to see the difference, how I sing last time when I was a baby."

Do you find any different?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Swing and Sing

Mommy dug out this interesting video clip of Shenny singing few songs while playing at swing in KLCC park.  She was 23 month and 3 week old. 
Mommy likes her baby voice so much.  It makes mommy miss her "toddler-hood" so much.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Funny Chat (Part 6)

Chat 1
On the first day of Chinese New Year, Shenny followed papa and mommy to have reunion lunch with uncles and aunties.  Shenny was happy because she could receive lots of ang pau there.

When we came back from lunch, Shenny quickly checked her ang paus.  She happily said "hehe...I will be rich." Papa overheard her say so and smiled at her.  She then added.."If papa's money get lesser, I could let him my money." Papa was so happy to find her daughter is so generous to him.

Chat 2
One day, we had dinner at a restaurant which served fish head noodles and thai food cuisine.

Since Shenny was sick, we ordered her a bowl of fish cake noodle. Both papa and mommy took this opportunity to order spicy thai food.

While eating her noodle, Shenny poked one piece of fish cake and joking said.."Ha..I know how to make fish ball." Both mommy and papa were curious, and asked her to tell us.  She said..."Let fish eat a ball, it will turn to fish ball oh." Both mommy and papa laughed for her absurb imagination.

Chat 3
Yesterday,  mommy drove Shenny to a petro station to pump tyres.
As usual, mommy left Shenny inside the car with all windows up and instructed her to lock car.
When mommy got back into car, mommy quickly hold my breath and cough because it  had a very stinky smell inside the car.  Mommy immediately asked Shenny: "Did you fart?"
Shenny calmly replied:"Yes, I fart". Mommy then quickly winded down windows to let smells go out.
Mommy reminded her again to pass motion once we reached home.

At night, mommy mentioned this to papa and described Shenny just like a skunk. 
Shenny quicky said: "I always wish to be a skunk.  If bad people come, then I will fart at them until they fainted or some of their teeth will go away."

Chat 4
One day, Shenny shared with mommy what she found out from her teacher.

Shenny: "Do you know "pass motion" also means 'poo poo' ?"
Mommy: "Yes"
Shenny: "Pass urine means 'shi..shi' "
Mommy: "Who tell you all these?"
Shenny: "My teacher lor"
Mommy: "Do you know what is 'pass air' ?"
Shenny looked puzzle at mommy: "I don't know"
Mommy hinted her: "Air comes out from your buttock"
Shenny: "Do you mean 'fart' ?"
Mommy: "Yes"
Shenny:"Are you sure?"
Mommy:"Well,  you can check with your teacher."
Shenny laugh : "Hahaha...No"

Monday, March 7, 2011

Disco Time

This is a two-month backdated post.

Mommy guessed this was one of best birthday parties Shenny ever attended in the beginning of the year 2011.

Shenny was invited to attend Josiah's birthday party. (Josiah is her classmates since she was a toddler).
At first, mommy did not plan to allow her to attend birthday party because she had her music class to attend.  However, she persuaded really hard and showed her eagerness to go since her best friends Leanne and Qin Yii would be attending too.  Papa was the first one to give in her request, so mommy had no choice.

Shenny definitely enjoyed so much in the birthday party because she get to dance in the birthday party with her friends.  Normally, she dances alone at home.

Initially, children were asked to play "musical chair" game but shortly some girls had disagreement with boys.  Then, the birthday's boy father asked them to dance.  But girls didn't want to dance with boys together.  Both Shenny and Leanne decided to dance in the living room and rest of girls followed.  And, boys danced at car porch.

Shenny, Leanne  and Qin Yii enjoyed dance together inside the house. Then the boys joined in later.

Most of mommies stayed at the birthday party, including mommy. 

While children had fun, mommies could chit-chat around.  
At first, all mommies felt very interesting and fun to see our children dance.  Then we began to worry.
We began to discuss about our kids.  We wonder what they would be like in next 10 years.  
They were only 5 year old and they had begun to dance like adults already. That certainly be more when they reach their teenage ages.  Would we able to cope with it?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

A Heartfelt Thanks Drawing

Shenny made this heartfelt drawing for her beloved music teacher, Kelly, after two years learning music from her.

Shenny will move on to her real piano lesson next month onwards. And her new coaching teacher will be different.

Shenny's teacher, Kelly was really surprise and asked mommy whether I helped her to come out idea in drawing. Mommy's answer was "No". This drawing was from her own imagination. The only papa hinted Shenny was that she needed to draw something that related to her teacher.

Below is the explanation of Shenny of her picture (which carries some stories).
" My music techer kelly and her hasband were married and they lived in a castle. Everyday, the castle will have rainbow to say "good morning", "good afternoon" and "good night". The castle is very special because it is golden.

And they grow flowers, so that they could see butterflies. But there are not any butterfly there because they have gone with their honey. "

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

My Grandfather's Clock

Just a log about Shenny's new discovery.

Shenny overheard My Grandfather's Clock song in car when mommy sent her to kindy two days ago.
She told mommy that her ballet teacher used the song to teach them dance. There was no singing, only music. Now, she was happy that she get to know how to sing the song now.
On that night itself, out of surprise, she played this song to mommy.

Here is Shenny's singing -  My Grandfather Clock:

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