Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Test Shenny singing

As usual, I pick up Shenny from nursery school and will turn on children song when we are in the car.

Today, I think to test Shenny whether she can sing this song "Sing, Sing, Sing a song". I purposely sang it wrong. Shenny complaint..and she said "Mommy you sing wrong. You don't know how to sing." I replied her "Mommy doesn't know, do you know? can you sing?" Then, she sang the whole song to me..
"Sing, Sing, Sing a song, .....Jolly Jolly Jolly, life is but a song.."
I praised her after she finished. She smiled so happily. (32 months)

Friday, March 7, 2008


Shenny likes to play leggo all the time. She can assemble many different things (eg. KLCC, car, aeroplane, microphone, guitar and etc...). Few days ago, she told mommy & papa: "This is ladder" and then later she made somemore, and told us "This is elephant trunk". Yes, it really looks like elephant now.

Yesterday, she was working on leggo again. I asked her "What is it?" She said "Parachute". But the leggo was stacking like two tower. Then I said "It looks like KLCC to mommy". She then replied "Parachute is inside" then pointing at one of transparent leggo.

I asked her to make table & chair (because she did that earlier) because I wanted to take some photos. She did and later from table, she came out other things as well. She said "This is aeroplane" and then she stacked one leggo on top of it, I asked her: "What is it?" and she said "This is aeroplane light". I asked her, "Why aeroplane needs light". She said "Because aeroplane stay in aeroplane house".

Shenny's version of fire engine:

I really curious what really in her mind.

Shenny's new bed

On 16 February 2008 morning, Shenny woke up and complaint to papa: "Shenny wants to have big big babycot, this babycot is small already". Then, mommy and papa decided to buy her a new bed.

Mommy and papa brought Shenny to Ikea and shopped for the bed (which we've already in mind few months ago) one week later. However, our car is too small to carry the bed home, therefore we have to ask for delivery. The new bed reached home one day later. Shenny was excited waiting for papa to assemble the bed, but papa could only do it two days later.

On the day papa assembled the bed, it was 8.30pm at nite after work. I asked Shenny to go into room first and I could read some stories for her, however, she refused and said "I want see papa making Shenny bed". Finally the bed was ready by 9.30pm. Shenny was very excited finally she could sleep in her big bed.

Ha..the following few days after she came back from school, Shenny always remembered to walk into the bedroom. She looked at her bed and happily said "Hau Shenny's bed".
Since she has her own bed, she always want papa or mommy read her books on her bed, no more on mommy & papa bed.

Sometimes, she will say "Mommy & papa sleep on this big bed (pointing at our bed). Shenny sleep on shenny big bed".

Once she cried at midnite, Mommy quickly walked over her bed and comforted her. She said "Shenny does not like balloon". And Mommy asked her to sleep and offered to sleep with her.
Mommy then lay beside her. She said "Papa sleeps on the other bed". I then said "Oh, Mommy will go back sleep with papa because Shenny bed is too small for mommy." Surprisingly, she didn't say anything and no cry when mommy left her and went back to sleep with papa.

Shenny's favourite cousin Hang Hang came to visit Shenny's new bed. He likes the bed too.

Another photo with E-Ken and Hang Hang on Shenny's bed:

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