Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

This year we had a rather special Christmas celebration because we celebrated my mother's 61st birthday and Christmas together. All my brothers and sisters (6 families including my family) gathered in Penang Islands on Christmas Eve. My sister-in-law had booked 4 two bedroom-suites in the Gurney Hotel for one-night stay.

Before dinner, we headed to swimming pool to have some fun.

Posted at the swimming pool with my father. Shenny stood next to her grandpa.

Shenny and some cousins had fun in the bath tub in the room.

Little performance at the hotel

First, we had dinner at the Maple Palace Restaurant and celebrated my mother's birthday there.

All children surrounded grandmom for birthday song. Not all in this picture including Shenny.

Next, we headed to Karaoke lounge. There, my sister-in-law had specially hired a professional magician to perform for children in the Karaoke lounge. This took about 1 hour. Then, only singing sessions began.
Finally, we had gift exchange sessions.

Both my mother and father sang.

Shenny and her cousins sang "little donkey".

Children enjoyed watching magician performance.

Children were looking for their presents. Shenny's present were a Dough Stamp from FisherPrice.

All of us had fun in the Karaoke lounge till 2am midnite, then we headed back to the hotel. Surprisingly, none of children felt tired till we put them into bed around 3am.

The next day, we had the family photo at the photo studio.

My parents took photo with all their grandchildren. They are 15 of them now, and the number still increases. In chinese saying...子孙满堂...

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