Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dental Clinic Visit

After Shenny's toothache complaint, mommy and papa had brought her back to Mid-Valley dental clinic.

Her last visit to the dental clinic was seven months ago and that was purely a check-up. The dentist did tell us that there was a hole in one of her teeth. But did not need to repair yet since the hole was quite small. She asked us to come back after six months.

Mommy was a bit worry this time and not sure whether Shenny would allow dentist to drill her tooth, and whether Shenny could sustain the pain if there was a need to "repair" her tooth.

After checking, the dentist found out there were about three or four teeth need to be repaired but would repair one first.

Mommy asked the dentist to explain to Shenny before she did that. To our surprise, Shenny reacted so calm and brave when the dentist told her that she need to remove part of her decayed tooth by drilling. The dentist told her very nicely on every step she would do and Shenny just nodded her head. And there was no anesthestic given as the injection might make Shenny feel nervous and painful. In fact, Mommy was very nervous during that time but had to react as normal.

Here are a few shots in the clinic.

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