Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Play Scrabble

Last Sunday, it was the first time Shenny, papa and mommy played scrabble together.  Of course, Shenny was the one most excited.  We played the scrabble for two rounds and it lasted for 2 hours. 

Yeah, mommy guesses most of people think scrabble is a rather boring game.  Mommy believes Shenny had the same thought too because she kept on moving around when not her turn.  However, mommy didn't admit to her that the game is boring indeed.

Throughout the games, Shenny got help from papa and mommy.  Papa liked to suffle the letters she had on hand and gave her hint to form the word.  Most of time, Shenny could spell / form those word out. 

Mommy didn't understand why Shenny always the winner.  She accumulated the highest points of all.  Papa helped her a lot and yet papa was the loser.

Mommy forgot to take picture of the first game, below was the second game we had completed.  Mommy was glad that we were able to fill up almost the whole board.

In this board, Shenny was able to spell these words: TAIL, GURU, MOVE, READY, SPOT.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Her Buddies

Shenny has many friends that she has known for many years.  They all come from the same nursery school.

Some of her friends are like Shenny that they were also sent to nursery school since they were very little.  Shenny was there when she was exactly 18 month old.  She ate, played, learnt and slept there every day from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6.30pm.  Therefore, the nursery school has become her second home. Sometimes, she even asked us to send her back to school during weekends.  The reason was that she missed her friends there. 

Now, Shenny is 5 year old, she still keeps in touch with few of her nursery's friends because they study in the same kindy.  Again, they study together from 9am to 3pm everyday.  Therefore, these friends are just almost like her sisters and brothers now, mommy thinks. 

One of her closest friends, Leanne whom mommy has the chance to speak to on Shenny's birthday and Leanne's housewarming cum her brother full-moon party.  Mommy realized this little girl is another mirror of ShennyThe way she acts, speaks, both eye and tone expression are almost like Shenny.  Mommy sees them always hold hands to run here and there, hold hands to walk up and down stairs, and sit together to wait for pick up after kindy. 

Shenny claimed Leanne is her best best friend.  Leanne said the same to her mom. 

During her birthday, Shenny took extra care of all her friends.  She almost ignored the rest of guests but mommy always reminded her.  And she even wanted her friends to cut the birthday cake with her together.

Mommy is glad that Shenny knows to create bonding with her friends at such a young age.  Hope her friendship from her "toddler"hood can be long lasting especially those are really good to her.

Below are few of her friends taken during Leanne's house party.
Leanne (left with pink pants), Shenny and Qin Yii at back row.  Xavier was at front. 
Shenny, Leanne (at middle) and Josiah (on the right)
Shenny and Leanne played together.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sand Art

Shenny was found having fever on Thursday night.  Mommy then decided not to let her go to kindy the next day.  Shenny as usual woke up at 7.30am and immediately sat in front of TV to watch her morning cartoons.  She sat in front of TV until 9am.

Mommy asked her to take shower and stop watching TV.  She needed to do something else after that.  Shenny asked mommy "I don't know what to do."  Mommy checked on our bookshelf and found a undone sand art.  It was bought during her last school holiday.  We didn't have chance to work on it because Shenny had to follow mommy go back hometown for a week in her school holiday.  Mommy told her "We can do sand art today."  Shenny was excited and looked forward to doing it.

After her shower, mommy was still busy in the kitchen; washing dishes and preparing ingredients to make pau. 
Mommy asked her to do some chinese writing and  drawings first.  Shenny obeyed mommy's instruction.  When she had finished the missions, mommy was still busy in the kitchen.  Shenny came to rush mommy faster to let her do the sand art and said "I can do it all by myself".  Therefore, mommy let her do the sand art herself.   Surprisingly, Shenny obediently did her sand art all by herself for 1.5 hours.  Mommy just gave her advice occasionally when she needed it. 

Some steps Shenny made sand art.

Tada...this is the finished work from Shenny.
Ha..she had to make both hair and face in rainbow colors because she ran out of sands. Mommy thought it still looked very nice and special, because it came all out from Shenny's hand.  
Really, mommy felt very proud of her that she could sit there solid 1.5 hours to finish the sand art.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

First Comforter

Yesterday, mommy went to Sogo Warehouse Sale and found a Dora comforter for Shenny.  The salesgirl said this comforter is equivalent to a blanket, because it contained a very thin layer of cotton only. 
When mommy spotted the comforter, mommy immediately fell in love with it.  In addition, it had quite huge price cut, from RM99.90 to RM29.90 (about 70% off).  Mommy quickly gave a call to papa, thought to discuss this with him, but papa just said "Buy" without thinking much.

At home, Shenny was very happy to see the comforter. Her first comment was "It's Dora comforter, very beautiful."  And then felt the texture of comforter and commented, "Oh, it is so cosy.".

Ha, amazingly with the new comforter, Shenny for the first night, never kicked off it away.  She was snugged in the comforter throughout the night.  Mommy asked her the next morning, she only gave one similar answer, "It is so cosy."  She even snugged in the comforter during daytime nap.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Visiting BookXcess

After many times reading about BookXcess from other blogger mommies, mommy finally pursuaded papa to bring us there too. 

Before proceed into BookXcess, we walked around the shopping center first. 

Mommy reminded Shenny that we were in Amcorp Mall many years ago when Shenny was still a baby.  She could not recall it at all but she could remember about A&W restaurant that was opposite the shopping center. 

She could remember the birthday party which she attended for the first time when she was 22 months old.  Mommy guessed her so memorable and great experience to play with A&W big bear make her remember till now.

Shenny (22 month old) was the only youngest kid dare to play with A&W big bear and mix with bigger kids at that time.

Finally, we found BookXcess at third floor.  We were excited to see so many books on sale. And we spent for about 2 hours in the bookshop.  

First, Mommy picked few story books and asked Shenny to sit at one corner to read them while mommy checked around. 

In fact, Shenny was lazy to read books on her own, she just flipped through the books.  After 30minutes, she came back to mommy and announced that she had finished reading all the books and she was very tired. 

Then, mommy asked her to rest.  She didn't take rest but look around on her own.

Finally, Shenny spotted a story book "Barbie Story Treasury" and claimed that was her most favourite.   She asked papa buy for her and papa praised her for her good choice.  Of course, papa bought her the book.

These are books we bought from the BookXcess

Books for Shenny

Papa found these three books for himself.

Haha..for 12 books, it only costs us RM 135 damages.  We get BookXcess membership free some more for purchasing over RM 100. 

After visiting BookXcess, we went for afternoon tea at Ka Fei Dian at ground floor to end our trip for a day.

Back home, mommy checked up some books online  to compare the pricing we paid at BookXcess.  Really, the books sold in BookXcess are cheaper especially those were on sale.

Indeed, this is the first time that mommy and papa felt so exciting to shop in a bookshop. And we plan to go to BookXcess again.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday, Shenny!

Yeah! Shenny is 5 year old today liao.

Papa and mommy celebrated Shenny's birthday at home on last Saturday (3/7/2010).  We had a small party and invited 12 guests to our home.  Who had we invited to Shenny's birthday party?

We had invited ah yi's (大姨)family, Hooi Ling (mommy's cousin) aunty's family and Shenny's three best friends (Leanne, Amber and Qin Yii) from her kindy.

Actually, this is the first time mommy held a party at home, mommy was a bit worried whether our small house could occupy so many guests.  Luckily all went well.

Shenny took this opportunity to show her friends her bedroom and some of the games she had at home.  They even bounced on mommy and papa's bed.  They also played some simple games eg. musical chair, blowing balloon and Snap in the living room.

Mommy would just let the photo to tell what's on that day.

Shenny helped mommy to prepare some goodies bags.

These were the food served in the party.  Mostly bought except mommy steamed mini sausages and fish balls.

Jelly birthday cake with Flower pot design.  Shenny chose this design herself.

A simple decoration at wall.

Shenny was happily chit-chating and eating with her buddies .  Both Leanne (red blouse) and Amber (blue dress) were Shenny's very old buddies. They knew each other since Shenny was 18 month old from funstation nursery.  Now, all of these three friends are in same class.

Children played blowing balloon.

Shenny played Snap game with her friends.

Shenny showed her paper doll to her friends.

Shenny was very happy when everybody sang birthday song to her.

Shenny was happy unwrapping her birthday presents.

These were all Shenny's birthday presents.  Papa and mommy had bought her two books: "Wishing Chair Again" and "The 7 Habits of Happy Kids". 

Shenny posed with her cousin Jie Hang and friend Leanne.

One of scenes, Shenny said Good Bye to her friend, Amber. 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Not So Hard" mission complete

Finally, Shenny is able to play Not So Hard full song at age of 4. week before she reaches 5 year old.  Many thanks to her music teacher, Kelly for her guidance.

Mommy was told Not So Hard song is taught in Gred 3 in piano lesson.  Teacher Kelly would like to test the capability of her Musikgarten students age range 4, 5 and 6, therefore, she taught this song purposely to see how far they could go.  Shenny is the only one in 4 year old in the test.

This song is quite long, so teacher Kelly taught the song in 3 stages.  All learnt by ear.

Shenny could play the song quite fast in first 2 stages.  She missed two music class lesson during school holiday because follow mommy go back hometown.  However, Shenny was still very eager to play the song even in granny's house.  She listened to the song in many times.  Then, she figured out keys by herself, but not so smooth. 

When she was back to the music class, teacher Kelly pointed out her mistake and guided her.  Her mistake was wrongly position her fingers on keyboard that hinder her from making the song smooth.

When she practiced at home, she ever complaint "I can not control my fingers, they do not listen to me.".  However, mommy kept on encouraging her and asked her to practice more to make it perfect. 

YEAH, Shenny made it at last.
Mommy quickly recorded it, put up in youtube, and email her teacher.  Her teacher was happy and would like mommy to convey below message to Shenny:

Tell Shen Ny is proven that PRACTICE and PRACTICE and PRACTICE , one can overcome whatever problems/mistake/wrong fingers/rhythm in music learning....

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