Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Children Day 2013

Shenny and her Ukulele Sunshine team member; Lyn Xuan and Yong Juin were given opportunity to perform for more than 2000 students at their school's Children Day.

Monday, October 21, 2013

e-kids Singing Contest 2013

Shenny made her first appearance in public singing contest on last Saturday (19 Oct 2013).  The singing contest was organized by e-kids Art Corridor and held in Summit USJ.
Shenny's music center sent total of 5 candidates (including Shenny) for the contest.  Three of the candidates are Shenny's friend. 

Shenny and her friends were very sporting, did their best and winners in their own ways.
As parents, we felt very proud of them.

Below was the video clip of Shenny singing on that day, the song which she sang was 牛奶歌 (韩语)

Shenny and friends waiting for their turn to go on stage singing.

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