Monday, May 25, 2009

Ballet lesson (2)

After few weeks observation, finally mommy decided to purchase tutu dress and ballet shoes for Shenny. She was so excited when I first put that on for her.

Why does mommy decide to get her ballet dress and shoes? The reason is that Shenny has shown her interest and commitment to the class. She always looks forwards to come to the ballet class. Mommy feels so relief that she has no more complaints about tiredness and soreness after the lesson.

She likes to watch elder group dance before or after her class. Mommy guess that could be the reason to make her begin to build dreams to be like them in future.

Once, mommy was surprised to hear her compliments. She said..."My hands and legs grows longer and slimmer like jie jie (refer to those older ballet students)." And she will then stretch her hands and legs to show me what she means.

Also, occasionally, Shenny will tell mommy and papa she can do this and do that already (eg. stretching her legs wider and hold longer).

Below is a video clip Shenny runs on her tutu dress.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A princess story telling

Shenny told a princess story...
The whole story is from her own imagination.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Alien and Monster

Mommy found Shenny concentrate in drawing something at table this afternoon. Mommy asked her only after she has finished drawing.
Her explanation of her drawing roughly like this.
I have drawn Monster and alien. Monster is very happy because he has a lot of food. Alien is a bit happy only because he has a little food. Alien is surprised (his mouth is in '0' shape) to see "earth" can talking. Earth has arms and legs. He can dance.

(click to enlarge)

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Shenny took home her Octopus from art class. Mommy asked Shenny whether she did the octopus herself. Shenny told mommy she came out with ideas and what object to stick on herself. Then, the art teacher helped her to glue objects. She is also able to explain to papa and mommy about her Octopus. Both papa and mommy felt very proud of her idea.
Mommy felt very impressed that Shenny could think of Octopus to have gills. And I purposely asked her why Octopus need to have gills. She replied ..breath like fish

(Click the image for enlarge)

Shenny's English expression

Shenny has continuously surprised me with her english improvement. Here, mommy would like to jot down a few Shenny's english expression that I could remember.

1) When Shenny and mommy took Airasia flight back to LCCT two weeks ago, mommy told Shenny "We have to walk a long distance to reach the exit". Shenny replied "Yes, that is a long walk".

2) One night, mommy told Shenny about the Siberian Tiger : "Siberian Tiger stayed in high mountain and the weather is very cold there.". And later, mommy asked Shenny again whether she remembered where Siberian Tiger stay. Shenny replied me in short "Siberian Tiger stayed in cold moutain".

Sunday, May 17, 2009

"baby uncle"

During our last New Zealand trip (26/4/09 - 5/5/09), our tour guide is a young man call Jet. When Jet met Shenny and E-Kent, I asked Shenny to call him "uncle", and Jet quickly told kids not to call him "uncle", instead call him "ko ko". But Shenny just kept quiet (as usual, she never easily addresses anyone when she is asked to do) at that moment. Later, when we sat in the tour bus, Shenny told me I want to call him "baby uncle". He is too old to be "ko ko". This "baby uncle" has become Shenny and E-Kent good playmate throughout the whole trip. And here are few short clips.




Nowadays, whenever Shenny is mis-behave, I will try to remind her.
And normally, I will say: Where is your manner, Shenny? / Watch out your manner / Mind your manner!
Shenny will give me various answers about her manner.
i) My manner is in my knee
ii) I have throwned away my manner
iii) My manner has gone to my foot

Mommy is curious how much my little girl understand about manner.

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