Thursday, July 21, 2011

On HER 6th birthday

This is backdated post.
Mommy and papa decided to have a very simple birthday celebration on Shenny's actual birthday.  Shenny was given a chance to choose her own birthday cake at a bakery nearby.

Shenny at 3 year old
Shenny at 6 year old

*** Do you see any similarity?

Actually, Shenny had already had her birthday celebration few days earlier before her actual birthday. This time, it was bigger one compared to last year. 
Since her party was held in KFC, mommy and papa allowed Shenny to invite 15 friends this time.  As some of her friends brought along their brothers and sisters, so the total of children came to party was 20 persons.  And, Shenny also invited her two lovely music teachers. 
In fact, mommy was a bit panic as this was the first time mommy learn to handle such a big crowd (>40 persons).  Luckily, the whole party events went smoothly as plan. 

Shenny happily greeted her piano teacher to her party.

Shenny was very excited to receive so many presents for the first time. Everything in the picture (except the old keyboard) were her birthday present, includes piano and beautiful pinky satin dress (given by her 1st music teacher, Kelly) (below).

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Funny Chat (Part 7)

Funny 1:
Mommy asked Shenny about her ambitions during our lunch yesterday.
Shenny: "I have three"
Mommy:"Three? I know one of it must be a kindergarten's teacher, right?"
Shenny: "Yes, one is teacher, two is music teacher, three is doctor"
Mommy: " Why'd you want to be a doctor?"
Shenny laughed and said: "It's a secret, not suppose to tell."
Mommy:"Oh..really. Tell us is ok!"
(Both papa and mommy were smiling at her)
Shenny then giggly answered: "To see people's Buttock"
(Papa and mommy laughed out loud to hear her reason.)

Funny 2:
Mommy prepared shredded potato "pancake", fried fish fillet, fried zucchini with oyster sauce and some raw zucchini to dip with thousand islands mayonnaise for lunch.
When food was ready and served on the dining table, mommy asked Shenny and papa to come to eat.
Shenny was the first one to rush to the dining table.  Her first expression to see the food was "I can't believe my eyes" and purposely opened her eyes widely to stare at food (see this photo).
This was Shenny's funny expression. 

Funny 3:
Mommy was tired and laid on sofa to rest while Shenny did art and craft on her own.  Then, she came to ask mommy for help.
Mommy was very tired and lazy to get up from sofa, and refused to help.  Then, she was upset.
When mommy woke up and found a message written on her white board.  Funny was that she even jotted down the time she asked for help (3.10). 

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Early Birthday Surprise

This is a big surprise cum early birthday present for little Shenny. 

Papa and mommy plus Shenny went to visit a piano shop with Shenny's piano teacher early June, out of all pianos Shenny tried out, she told papa and mommy that she would like to have "this" model if she got to have one. 
She didn't like rest of pianos, because she felt their keys are not hard enough plus felt like playing keyboard.  She even gave us reason, since she already had a keyboard at home, she didn't want to have another piano feel like keyboard at home.  She was very determine with her choice. 
Even, her piano teacher was amazed with her decision because not many of her students do that especially at her age. Normally, those students would let their parents to decide which piano to buy home.

The piano that Shenny chose was for professional pianist and also the price is not within papa's budget.  So how? Mommy asked papa, what should he decide now?  He told me, if he was to buy the piano, he would consider Shenny's decision as priority.

After pondering for a few days plus her teacher agreed to get us further discount, papa and mommy secretly decided to order this piano as her birthday present, without telling Shenny. The piano got to deliver one week before (25/6/2011) Shenny turns to 6 year old.

Here is the video clip of her reaction to see her chosen piano at home.

In fact, the sound of piano is a bit out, it still needs some tuning after delivery. The person to help tuning is only available after 3 weeks of delivery. However, Shenny still could not wait to play some songs on her new piano.

Here are two songs she tried first:
Track 1

Gentle Moment

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