Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shenny's interpretation of God and Buddha

Yesterday, Mommy has a small chat with Shenny in the car as usual. This time we talked about God and Buddha.

Mommy told Shenny that "God likes good children. He can see you from the sky, you have to behave all the time".

Shenny said "Mommy, God stays in sky. Buddha stays in temple."

Mommy told Shenny "Both God and Buddha stays in heaven".

Shenny then said "God and Buddha have eagle's eye, very sharp. When Buddha sees thief steals things from a house, Buddha can call police come to catch him. God also can call the police."

Friday, April 17, 2009

Ballet lesson (1)

Since Shenny likes to run and jump so much like boy, I decide to send her to Ballet class. Hope that she will learn to behave gentle a bit like girl. However, Sing does not agree with my idea.
All little girls have put on their toto dress except Shenny. Shenny does ask me to get one for her. I told her I will decide this later. I promise will get her toto dress and a pair of ballet shoe if she always follows teacher instruction in the class and also show her interest in the lesson.
Sometimes Shenny acts differently from what teacher ask her to do. Ha..other children behave the same too. Actually some posts which teacher ask them to do are quite painful especially they are asked to hold similar post for a while.

Below are few clips of Shenny in ballet class.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Shenny wrote her name

Shenny can spell her own name and write A to Z for quite sometime.
Last Sunday, after she wrote down all alphabets from A to Z, and I asked her to write down her name on drawing board.

Watch Orchestra

Papa and Mommy had brought Shenny to watch the "A Clown's Guide to the Orchestra" in the Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra in KLCC on 5th April 2009.
Initially, Papa is a bit worried that Shenny might feel boring of the classical music and will not pay attention to watch and will not enjoy the music.
However, Shenny has showed her interest to the performance and she could name some musical intruments when the Clown asked the audience.
Shenny also danced at her seat when the orchestra performance.

Here is the photo which Shenny took with Melvyn Tix clownductor.

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