Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Drawings for 'Shuk Shuk' & 'Ku Ku'

Shenny always says she misses her 'shuk shuk' (叔叔 means uncle in cantonese language) and 'ku ku' (姑姑 means aunty and she is papa's sister) very much.

She had drawn these two pictures three months ago but mommy forgot to upload them in her blog.

These pictures were sent by hand to her 'shuk shuk' and 'ku ku' in The Netherlands already.

Shenny does not forget to remind her 'shuk shuk' to stop smoking in the picture. She says it in dutch (Niet Roken)..

In this picture, Shenny drew a bird sing songs for her 'ku ku' and 'shuk shuk'. And she purposely colored the heart in rainbow color, mean 'ku ku" is happy.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How to catch a Fly with a Spoon

This incident occurred one month ago but mommy forgot to mention it in Shenny's blog. Today, mommy's boss reminded mommy to do it.

One day, Shenny and mommy went to have lunch in a restaurant. We ordered wantan noodle and chicken rice separately. Shenny's order came first and she began to eat her noodle. Mommy's chicken rice came later. It came with a bowl of hot soup.

When we were busy eating, a fly flying around our food. Shenny found it very irritating, and she lifted her spoon to hit the fly. Amazingly, she 'bingo' on it and the fly fell into the hot soup and died instantly.

Mommy has shared this interesting incident with her aunties, cousins and teachers. Everyone had a good laugh on it.

Since this incident, Shenny felt so much proud of herself because she is the fly killer champion in the family.

Self-made spectacles

Last Friday, Shenny was in the mood to make herself a pair of paper spectacles while mommy and papa were busy packing to go back Alor Star to celebrate Chinese New Year.

Mommy is happy for Shenny could always find something to do to keep herself busy. As long as she does not make a big mess in the house, mommy is ok for her to do anything.

After she had successfully made a pair of spectacles, she wore it and wanted her papa to take photos.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Keyboard Lessons Update (2)

Shenny has started her keyboard lesson through Musikgarten programme since November 2009 (three months already). Mommy would like to do some updates.

Shenny likes her music lesson very much and she wishes that she has the music class everyday.

Mommy is very happy with Shenny's progress so far. She does not need mommy to ask her to practice her songs. She will practice herself everyday.
Actually, she does not need to spend long time to practice. She only spends five or ten minutes to play her songs each time. And she does it few times in a day. Mommy thinks that she really likes music. Mommy hopes that her music enthusiasm can persist for very long time.

Mommy would like to share some little songs which Shenny were taught in the class.

For these 3 months, her music teacher has taught her 6 songs, and here mommy only manages to upload 4 songs only.

The Wild Horses

Play Mouse Mousie with some actions.

Who's That

Ode to Joy

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