Saturday, May 7, 2011

Ballet Rehearsal (2011)

Shenny recently had her ballet exam.  Before actual exam, her ballet school ran a pre-exam and all parents were invited to sit in but not the actual exam. 
Both papa and mommy realized that it was not easy for a kid at 6 year old to remember so many steps to make their dance success.  Apart felt proud with our girl, Shenny and also appreciated efforts her teacher had put in to make the whole process a success.

One of requirements to attend the exam was that student had to tie their hair into buns with hair net.  Since Shenny's hair was rather short and mommy was not expert to tie hair, therefore, mommy had to ask her ballet teacher to help.  Her teacher had to use a lot of hair gel and spray to make her hair stick nicely. 

Some photos taken before exam.

Below were some video clips taken on actual exam day which Shenny's teacher asked them to do some warm up dance and that was clear because mommy videod it with camera.  While for the imaginative sailor dances were taken with papa's handphone during pre-exam session, therefore, not so clear.

Flower picking dance

Foot exercise dance

Skipping dance

Imaginative Sailor Dance

Scene 1

Scene 2

Scene 3

Scene 4

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Make a Castle

Actually, Shenny had been looking forward to do art and craft at home few weeks ago.  Whenever we went out for shopping during weekends, she would ask us to go home quick, so that she could do some art and craft at home.  However, always we ended up spend the whole day outside. 
And, it was long weekends last week (because of labour day, both mommy and papa had Monday off) and finally we could spend one whole day just stay at home. 

Shenny woke up very early on Monday even it was public holiday.  Mommy thought to sleep a bit longer and asked her to get back to bed, but she refused.  She would like to stay alone at living room.  So, mommy had no choice, had to wake up to prepare breakfast for her.  After having breakfast and shower, she requested mommy to give her one box and eight toilet rolls.  She told mommy that she would like to make a castle.  She learnt that from "Mr Maker" from one of children program on tv.  So, without much help from mommy, Shenny prepared rest of necessary stuff eg, lay newspaper on coffee table, take out scissor, glue and paint.

Here are some photos taken when Shenny did her art and craft.

Somehow, it was difficult to put color on the box.
Although the castle looks dirty cum ugly, but Shenny felt very satisfied to be able to make a castle for herself.

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