Saturday, June 4, 2011

A BIG Birthday Treat

It had been a month long mommy didn't have time to post any new blog. In fact, this is a backdated post too. It happened in end of April 2011.

Mommy's 2nd brother (Shenny's uncle) invited our family to join 2 day 1 night Star Cruise in Penang on his birthday.  Although Shenny had had some cruise experiences before (especially when she was in The Netherlands) but this was her first time to stay a night on a cruise.  She was especially excited about it.  Thanks for her uncle's generous invitation. 
In order to join the cruise, Shenny and mommy took a flight to hometown.  Papa didn't follow along because it was a short notice.
For details, mommy thought just let photos tell it better.

Shenny and mommy took Putera LRT to KL Central.
Shenny concentrated in writing while on our way to airport by KLIA Express Train.

We saw a big advertisement about cruise next to Port Terminal.
This was the big ship Shenny stay overnight.

Shenny, mommy and popo (mommy's mommy) slept in this cabin. Although the cabin was small but quite cosy. 

Above was one of live performances we watched on board. eye opener for Shenny and her cousins too.
Shenny and her cousins were having fun on a dancing floor when singers had their break

Shenny with her grandma next to a big pool on deck.

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