Monday, February 25, 2008

Shenny's new toy - Hippo (2.5 year old)

Mummy & papa bought Shenny a hippo from IKEA yesterday and we bought a new bed for her as well.
At first Shenny refuse to have hippo, instead she pick up another toy..zebra (blue color). We pretend to agree her and place her selected zebra in the shopping beg too. We intend to take it out later when she didn't realize and we did that. However, Shenny asked papa for her zebra, and I made a surprise face.."Oops! Zebra has escaped, it does not like Shenny".
When we reached home, she started to like hippo.

In the following morning, Shenny looked for her hippo before taking bath. When she saw the hippo, she said "Hippo is so cute", and I added "Shenny is cute too". Surprisingly, Shenny replied me, "Hippo is cute and Shenny is cute, but there is difference". I then asked her.."What is the different?" She think for a while and said "It is the same". I think she could not find the proper answer and has to agree both cute are the same.

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