Monday, September 28, 2009

Response to a joke

Sometime ago, "yi chang" 姨丈 (mommy's brother-in-law) decided to check what answer Shenny would give for the following joke.
Yi Chang (姨丈):"Shenny, can you tell me how to put elephant into a fridge?"
Shenny: ""Can not. Elephant is so big, how to put inside fridge"
Yi Chang (姨丈):"Can"
Shenny: "Eh..I would cut the elephant into pieces. Then put it into the fridge..hahaha..."
Mommy: "Wow.."
Yi Chang (姨丈): "Ok. Then how would you put giraffe into the fridge?"
Shenny(laugh first):"I would bend its neck first, then put it into fridge."
Mommy: "Why?"
Shenny: "Because giraffe neck is so long, gotta bend it first lar."
(Inside mommy's heart thought..not bad for reason she gave)

Friday, September 25, 2009

"Shuk Shuk" 叔叔

Don't know why Shenny always so friend to her youngest uncle (叔叔) eventhough she only meets him once a year either in Hong Kong or Holland. Mama said "both of them 有缘 (similar liking). Dragon(龙) and phoenix(凤)(Shenny borned in chicken year, so it is called 凤) are 合得来 (good match)". Shenny never hides her feeling when she likes someone. She always tells mommy and papa "I like shuk shuk (叔叔)".

(Shenny was excited to have an outing with 叔叔. 2009)

(Shenny was lazy to walk, asked 叔叔 to piggy-back her. 2009)

(Shenny requested to sit next to 叔叔 in a restaurant, 2009)

(Had quiet moment with 叔叔 in Hong Kong. 2008)

(Shenny did a funny dance to 叔叔 in Holland, 2007)

(Took a photo before leaving for Malaysia, 2007)

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Funtime with mama & popo

Shenny was excited to come to Holland to visit mama (grandmom from papa side). This was her 3rd time to Holland. (1st in 2006 and 2nd in 2007) This year's visit was a bit special because her popo (grandmom from mommy's side) also came along, therefore, Shenny had the chance to play with two grandmothers at same time.
Shenny was a real chatter-box and all time active and this had kept her two grandmoms laugh most of time.

(Mama massage Shenny)

(Shenny used her foot to massage mama gently)

(Shenny played skipping robe with popo)

Haha..Shenny also managed to get popo to sing in front of everyone.

Before leaving Holland, Shenny played a bit with mama and gave her a big hug. Mommy could see some tears lingering in mama's eyes.

Below were two pictures taken separately when Shenny visited mama in Holland in 2006 and 2007.

(Shenny in 14 months-old)

(Shenny in 2 year old)

Mama is always happy to have Shenny around. It seems that Shenny know how to cheer her heart.

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