Sunday, June 24, 2012

Buddies Reunion (2)

Shenny and her few kindy buddies had a second gathering during second term of school holiday (June 2012).

Thanks for Leanne's mommy initiated the plan and volunteered herself to purchase tickets for us earlier before school holiday began.  This time they had the gathering at Kidzania.   However, only Amber, Leanne, Shenny and Xavier could turn up.

Frankly to say that, one visit is not enough to play all.  They need to make second, third or more visits if to finish all games.

Below were few activities they did at Kidzania.

Leanne, Amber and Shenny were happily chit-chat.
These were our group on that day, include Xavier's sister, Leanne's sister and Amber's two big brothers.
All girls joined nursing, learn to take care baby.
Amber, Leanne and Shenny waiting at Air Asia counter. The waiting time is 1 hour plus.
Shenny worked as Flight Attendance for Air Asia.
Shenny as customer and Leanne as hair dresser.

Amber helped Leanne's sister did nail polish.

Both Shenny and Leanne joined wall climbing.

In fact, it was a real surprise to see Shenny dare herself to do this stunt.  Mommy was so proud of her.

Xavier (and his sister), Leanne (and her sister), Amber and Shenny joined the fashion show at end of day.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Buddies Reunion (1)

From one of old posts, mommy mentioned about Shenny's buddies (click here).

First gathering with her buddies at Amber's birthday party during 1st term school holiday (March 2012).

Leanne, Shenny, Qin Yii and Amber
They all first time tried on roller skate. Shenny and Qin Yii fell for a few times and hurt their butt, so they didn't like the game.  However, Amber and Leanne loved the new experience.
The four were exhausted after spent a long hour run up and down at jungle gym.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Her Piano Teacher Bachelor Degree Concert

Shenny attended her piano teacher, Nicole Yap final year Bachelor Degree Graduation Concert at ASWARA on 13th June 2012.

We enjoyed the concert very much.

Here are some of her performances:

Teacher Nicole presented theVariations on a Theme of Malay Folk Song by Charles Wong Chee Wei.

Teacher Nicole (as pianist) and her husband, Stanley Chin (as guitarist) played Cordoba, Op. 232 No.4 by Isaac Albeniz (arranged by Katsuhito Inoue).

You may click to watch Shenny's performance at Japan Club in Kuala Lumpur .

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Her Hero

Mommy found this drawing in one of Shenny's moral subject's exercise books today.

On Saturday, mommy and papa went for Parent-Teacher meeting.  We spoke to a  few teachers and that included Shenny's Moral subject teacher too.  The teacher told us that she liked to ask her students to draw and she could find some answers through the drawing because through drawing, it could reveal inner side of a child.  Mommy reckons her approach is indeed very good, and make the subject becomes more interesting.

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