Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Buddies Reunion (1)

From one of old posts, mommy mentioned about Shenny's buddies (click here).

First gathering with her buddies at Amber's birthday party during 1st term school holiday (March 2012).

Leanne, Shenny, Qin Yii and Amber
They all first time tried on roller skate. Shenny and Qin Yii fell for a few times and hurt their butt, so they didn't like the game.  However, Amber and Leanne loved the new experience.
The four were exhausted after spent a long hour run up and down at jungle gym.


Yan said...

It is always fun to be with a bunch of good friends from the same age group. I can see they enjoyed each other company and had lots of fun.

Small Kucing said...

Sure looks fun.

MeRy said...

SO fun..

anney said...

Such a fun bonding moment! I'm sure they were all happy spending happy times together!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

so nice to see a bunch of good friends enjoying each other's company :)

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