Monday, June 28, 2010

Wayang Kulit

Yesterday, papa brought mommy and Shenny to visit The Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center (KLPac) in Sentul West.  The building is built inside a big park.  The building itself is built from the extension of an artistic building.  We walked inside, outside and its surrounding.  It was very nice to walk around because the building and its surrounding was nicely built and designed.  However, mommy hopes the authority will do a better maintenance on the building and its surrounding, so that it will survive long.

Co-incidentally, there is a wayang kulit show at that time. Papa suggested to take this opportunity to introduce the world of shadow puppetry (wayang kulit) to Shenny.   Therefore we joined in this 20 minutes show.

Nala Nantha, a theather teacher, presented the story of "Where the wild things are" through the wayang kulit show. 

Click at the flier to view the story outline of the wayang kulit.

Children were entertained with a hand puppet before the begining of the show. Each child got chance to introduce themselves and touch the puppet. 

Front view of wayang kulit.

Back stage of wayang kulit. 
Children were encouraged to go to back stage to check out how the 'tok lalang' manupulate the puppet to make the show.  Each child got chance to pick up one of paper puppets and to make a shadow on the screen.

Shenny took a picture with the hand puppet, Ooh KuluKuluKulu. 
Children were asked to say the hand puppet name, since its name was a bit long, everyone laughed when tried to call its name.
Surprisingly, a Japanese restaurant is found next to a big lake, which is opposite the KLPac building.  Since we just had our late lunch, therefore decided to patronise the restaurant next visit.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Personal Invitation Card

Shenny's birthday is coming soon in two weeks time.  Mommy and papa plan to hold a small party at home.  We would like to invite her Ah Yi's family over to celebrate with her.  Then, mommy and papa asked Shenny to come out an invitation card. 

First, she came out with the drawing without coloring.  She gave an excuse that too many things need to colour, her hand will be very pain.

When she passed this personal invitation card to her ah yi, ah yi gave compliments.  Ah Yi spoke to her in mandarin: "你的卡很飘亮, 可是没有颜色, 我不要去你的生日party。 你拿回去上颜色,明天再拿来, 我把你的卡粘在冰箱上提醒我。"(Your card is very beautiful, but there is no colour, I don't want to attend your birthday party. You take home to colour it and bring back tomorrow.  I will stick your card on my fridge to remind me.)

Ha..after her ah yi's rejection, then she obligely to colour the card.  Normally, she would use colour pencil to colour her drawing, but this time, she looked for her old big crayon.  She told mommy: "The crayon is very very big, easy to colour."

Here is her designed invitation card:
(Papa helped her to pronounce the spelling for her message and she wrote herself.)

  • Her invitation message is written on two piles of wool, but there is no sheep because they are all eaten by the big bad wolf.
  • A blue gate is in front of the barn.
  • All ah yi's family's name are written on the clouds that includes Hau Shen Ny.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Drawings (4)

One of Shenny's this school holiday activities is to draw.  Shenny prefers to draw than coloring. 
Below are few drawings made.

This drawing is for her cousins; Emily and Xuan Xuan.  Hehe..however, mommy kept the drawing after her cousins saw it. The reason is that they might not keep the drawing after a while.  So, it is better mommy help them to keep it.

This drawing is made given to her grandmother who lives in The Netherlands.

A duck says "Mimo".  A child rode on a lion.  The lion says: "I am Lios".

Children saw a monster.

Funny trees. Leaves flew everywhere.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Funny Chat (Part 3)

Chat 1

Shenny's aunty gave Shenny a piece of cake when mommy visited her.  Mommy told Shenny about this after picking up her from kindy. 
Shenny replied: "Oh,  表姨 gives me cake". 
Mommy was surprised to hear this, mommy asked:"What do you mean 表姨"?
Shenny explained: "Hang Hang 哥哥 is my cousin.  Cousin is 表哥, so 阿姨 is my cousin's mother. I called her 表姨."
** ha...quite a reasonable explanation**

Chat 2

Shenny sometimes eats very slowly especially when she eats and watches her favourite tv programme at sametime.
One day, mommy asked Shenny to eat egg tart faster.
Mommy: "Why you eat so slow?"
Shenny: "Because I need to chew mah.  You thought people don't need to chew meh."
**rolled eyes**

Chat 3

Shenny ate her lunch at her grandmother's house in one afternoon. After eating for a while, she told mommy this.

Shenny: "Mommy, I've burbed already.  I can't eat anymore, I am full now."
(since there is only a bit left on plate, so mommy agreed that.)
Mommy: "Ok"
When mommy was busy washing dishes at sink, mommy suddenly saw Shenny open the fridge and took out mini-corn ice-cream. She took them out and began sharing with her cousins.
Mommy quickly said: "I thought you are full already, still can eat ice-cream?"
Shenny sheepishly smile and said: "Ice-cream is water right? It still can go into my tommy."
**it seems true, so mommy didn't say anything.**

Chat 4

This is about Shenny offering her milk for her cousin.

Shenny: "Emily jie jie, would you want to try my milk?"
Emily: "No"
Mommy overheard that and said: "Do you think Emily jie jie want to drink your milk? you didn't brush your teeth."
Shenny: "I brush my teeth at night"
Mommy:"That is different.  Where got people brush teeth at night only."
Shenny still wanted to insist her point: "This's just a milk, milk is water only."

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Special performances

These are some precious and interesting recording of Shenny when she was before 1 year old.  Her papa had carefully kept these in a folder.  Mommy dug them out and put in Shenny's blog as a log.

Shenny Hau learnt to fly back to Holland when her mama (father's mother) was here to visit her.  She had actually made her 1st visit to Holland when she was 14 month old.  So far she had gone back to Holland for 3 times.  Her last trip was last year (The Netherlands 2009 Vacation).

Papa pretended to rob Shenny. ( 4 month old)

Shenny did mini gymnastics. ( 5 month old). Amazingly she could use her foot to control the dangling toys.

Shenny played ball with mommy (9 month old).

Papa caught Shenny first time try to utter this word:"Baby". (9.5 months)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Papa Day

Today, Mommy told Shenny to draw or make something for her papa because Father's Day is coming soon. 

Shenny then went to this Kitten Maker website. She mixed-n-matched and then came out a kitten design.  When she satisfied with what she had mixed-n-matched, she then asked mommy to print out for her.  She told mommy she would color it herself and made a card for papa.
While Shenny was busy alone in the living room to complete her mission. Mommy prepared for dinner in the kitchen.

Mommy was amazed to see Shenny's finished work. Mommy never thought that she would give the kitten with strips and rainbow colours. Mommy was happy and felt proud of her because Shenny did not blindly follow the picture to color but came out with her own design.

Original print out

Shenny came out with this multi-strip colors and she wrote her message herself.

When her papa reached home in the evening, Shenny immediately asked papa to close his eyes and purposely said "no peeping" because she had a present for him. Once she passed the card to her papa. She officially announced that today is Father's Day. Papa likes the card very much. He praised her and then gave her a big hug. Papa even put up the card on the wall. Shenny was very happy because papa appreciated her card.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Unforgetable Outing

Why did mommy say last Wesak Day (28/5/2010) was an unforgetable outing? 

Two special things happened on that day:

1) Both Shenny and mommy travelled far away with 大姨 (mommy's elder sister)'s family without papa.

2) Shenny for the 1st time overcome her fear into the sea.  She finally found the joy letting her feet wash by wave, dip her feet into wet sand and dip herself into sea water.
Previously, both mommy and papa had tried many times to persuade Shenny to dip into sea water but Shenny always replied with tears: "NO".

On that day, Papa didn't go along because he needed to do his office work at home even in public holiday.  Mommy decided to follow 大姨 (mommy's elder sister)'s family to D-Paradise orchard and Pengkalan Balak Beach in Melaka.  Shenny didn't feel sad although papa was not around but very much excited.  She loved to mingle with her cousins.

By right, we need to pay entrance fee to get into D-Paradise orchard, the entrance fee was; adult - RM49.90 and child > 3 year old - RM 29.90.  Luckily, 大姨 got four free adult entrance voucher, so we didn't need to pay any for this.  However, we need to rent a buggy (4 seating) in order to drive around the orchard.  That costs RM 69.90.  After having our fruit feast (this is complimentary), 姨丈 drove five of us around.  Six of us squeezed in four seating buggy.

Well, nothing much to see in D-Paradise at this period actually.  All season fruits were not ripe yet.  Luckily we didn't need to pay entrance, so it still worth a visit.  Kids took this opportunity to know some local fruit trees.  Also, we had great fun in buggy. 
We were told the best period to visit is in mid June and July.

After that, we departed to a beach nearby: Pangkalan Balak Beach. 

When we reached the beach, Shenny's cousins; Zhi Zhi, Hong Hong, Hang Hang and 姨丈, all changed and prepare to play in the beach and even soak their feet into sea water.  Shenny was afraid to get into sea.  Mommy asked her to take off her sport shoe, in order to bare foot walk on beach.  She refused and gave reason she would not wet her shoe and she would not want to get into sea.
Shenny looked on her cousins play at seaside.
Shenny played herself on beach while her cousins were at the sea.

Then, her cousins and 姨丈 kept on pestering her to join them in the sea, and tell her how nice to feel wave washing on their feet.  Shenny observed and began to change her mind.  She asked mommy to take off her shoe, and requested 姨丈 to hold her closely.

Shenny clung to 姨丈's shirt tightly when attempting to let wave washing on her feet.
After a few times attempting, Shenny grew confident. Finally, 姨丈 and her cousins successfully to persuade her to join them in the sea.

Now, Shenny dared to run in the sea and play at seaside with wave flushing on her feet.

Haha...mommy reckons this is one big achievement for Shenny.  She has overcome her fear over the sea. Mommy really felt proud of her.

She excitedly announced this to her papa when we got home.  Of course, papa gave her a big hug for being a brave girl.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wishing can

Shenny has a wishing can (or wishing piggy bank) from her aunty (mommy's elder sister). This wishing can is from Tzu Chi (慈濟), namely as "竹筒岁月 The Era of Bamboo Piggy Banks". So, Shenny gotta chance to make a wish everyday before slot in a coin into the can. Once the can is filled, mommy will send the can to Tzu Chi for donation.

Well, Shenny was very excited when mommy passed her the wishing can. Mommy also has explained to her to make good wish every time.

Can you guess what her first wish is? Her first wish was "I wish my barbie doll to have a blanket". Haha...what a funny wish that she has made! Mommy immediately laughed out loud after hearing her wish. So, mommy suggested her to use one napkin as her barbie doll's blanket.

Then mommy has to explain to her again that she could make wishes such as good weather, good health, safety and etc..

Do you know what is her 2nd wish? Her second wish was "I wish to have baby sister and baby brother to play with". Hmm...mommy reckons this wish is reasonable. Mommy also hopes this wish will come true very soon.  May GOD help.

Then her 3rd wish.."I wish my barbie doll to have a television"..back to similar with 1st wish. **shake head

Well, mommy guess Shenny would come out lots of funny wish every day.

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