Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Papa Day

Today, Mommy told Shenny to draw or make something for her papa because Father's Day is coming soon. 

Shenny then went to this Kitten Maker website. She mixed-n-matched and then came out a kitten design.  When she satisfied with what she had mixed-n-matched, she then asked mommy to print out for her.  She told mommy she would color it herself and made a card for papa.
While Shenny was busy alone in the living room to complete her mission. Mommy prepared for dinner in the kitchen.

Mommy was amazed to see Shenny's finished work. Mommy never thought that she would give the kitten with strips and rainbow colours. Mommy was happy and felt proud of her because Shenny did not blindly follow the picture to color but came out with her own design.

Original print out

Shenny came out with this multi-strip colors and she wrote her message herself.

When her papa reached home in the evening, Shenny immediately asked papa to close his eyes and purposely said "no peeping" because she had a present for him. Once she passed the card to her papa. She officially announced that today is Father's Day. Papa likes the card very much. He praised her and then gave her a big hug. Papa even put up the card on the wall. Shenny was very happy because papa appreciated her card.


MeRy said...

Nice card...\

smallkucing said...

very pandai wor..come out with a rainbow kitten. Rainbow=happy color. :D

Sheoh Yan said...

Shenny is so creative, her colouring skill is good. I like her colouring very much. The cat is a good idea to James Cameron if he wants to make Avatar II in future.

Alice Law said...

How sweet and loving your Shenny is~!!! It's such a shame that I failed to load your pictures this time, really wish I can get a sneak peek on Shenny's wonderful masterpiece!T-T

Have a nice day to you and beautiful Shenny!

ChloeRuoyi said...

What a nice rainbow cat with wings! C also likes to colour like that, rainbow style :) Shenny can write so well. Good job! She sure made papa very proud and happy.

Mummy Gwen said...

Very creative colouring. Papa must be very happy to receive the card. :)

Domesticgoddess said...

Wow! Very lovely coloring. That is a sure sign of a patient girl who takes great pride in her work! :>

Little Kit Boy said...

wow..what a creative girl... another talented designer on the way.

Alice Phua said...

Good job, Shenny!

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