Monday, April 19, 2010

Bicycle or Tri-cycle ?

Papa bought Shenny a new bicycle last weekends although Shenny already had one from her cousin Hang Hang ge ge. Papa felt the bicycle from Shenny's cousin was a bit small and Shenny should have a bigger one. Of course, Shenny felt surprise when her papa announce to her that he decided to buy the bicycle which she tried on in Carrefour. On our way back, Shenny excited to say "Hau Shenny is very lucky today." She also corrected us that she had a new tri-cycle, not a bicycle.

Since we lived in a condo, there are always neighbour kids (from middle-east) riding their tri-cycle at the corridors. Shenny began to get to know them after she had the tri-cycle from her cousin. She would ride her tri-cycle with them almost every evenings. Now, she was excited to show her new tri-cycles to her friends.

Here are some nice shots and video clips of Shenny with tri-cycle / bicycle.

You can see the difference between 14 month old and 4 year 10 month old Shenny rode on same tri-cycle. This tri-cycle is really small for Shenny now.

Shenny cycled in the Kepong park with family at age of 2 year and 10 month old.

Shenny is happily rode on her big tri-cycle at 4 year and 10 month old.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Funny chat (Part 1)

Last Saturday, mommy didn't go with papa into the tuition center to wait for Shenny. Instead, mommy sat inside the car waiting for her. After 20 minutes, Shenny only came out with her papa. When Shenny came into the car, the first thing she asked mommy: "Mommy, Do you feel like to cry?"
Mommy: "Why?"
Shenny:"Because you sit alone here."
Mommy then jokingly said:"Papa does not want to talk to mommy, he likes to sit inside tuition center"
Mommy added:"Do you know papa actually love mommy, but he never wants to say it."
Shenny replied:"All men are like that"
Mommy was shocked to hear her reply, then asked her why she said that. Shenny just laughed with her papa.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Attend birthday party

This is the backlog event.

Shenny was excited to be invited to a birthday party. This is her 2nd time get invited to a birthday party. She knew the boy through her art class.

To show her gratitude, Shenny purposely drew a birthday card for the boy and of course, mommy also bought a birthday present for the boy.

The drawing is purely from Shenny's own idea.

Shenny dressed up for the birthday party.

Shenny enjoyed eating french fries in the birthday party.

Taken photo with the birthday boy

Shenny was trying to pull the chicken's tail

This is another video clip how Shenny's disturbing the KFC chicken.

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