Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Say Goodbye to Nanny Jennifer

Since mommy decided to go back to work on last April after two years of resting at home, Shenny had to go back to her normal daily routine - mommy drops her off at school around 8am and then pick her up in evening before 7.30pm.   

Recent year, her school had changed its daycare closing time from 7.30pm to 7pm.  It was impossible for either mommy or papa to rush from work to get her before 7pm.  Therefore, a nanny, Jennifer living nearby school compound was seek to come to assist.  Shenny called her as "Auntie Jennifer".  She would come to pick Shenny around 6pm.  Shenny would take shower and had a simple meal at her home while waiting for mommy and papa to come.

After five months of taking care of Shenny, auntie Jennifer decided to quit because she wanted to help her son in business instead. 

Shenny presented these two drawings to auntie Jennifer on her last day.  Auntie Jennifer was very surprised to see Shenny's drawing.  Before leaving, Shenny thank auntie Jennifer again and not forgetting to give her a big hug.  Mommy could see little tears lingering in nanny's eyes at that moment.

Now, Shenny has switched to new nanny, Chris.

Here are the drawings (quite plain because no time to do coloring):

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Her Music Teacher's Birthday

Teacher Nicole held a simple birthday celebration with all her kids in music centre two weeks ago.   And Shenny made a special drawing for her on that day too.

Here are few pictures taken on that day:
All kids were trying their best to blow the candle to see who can hit the "jackpot."
Oops, look like Shenny's birthday too..:)

Teacher Nicole and her hubby.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Why We Sing

A very backdated post.
This was one of songs presented in Heart & Soul Charity Concert.

Shenny picked up this song from her teacher Kelly before the concert.
Teacher Kelly sang one time to her and then papa found the similar song in youtube for her. Then, Shenny learnt to sing the song and tried to play the song by ear based on her own understanding immediately after the concert.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ballet Test Result

Finally, we received Shenny's ballet's Pre-Primary assessment form.
She sat for the test in last May. You may click here to know more.

Pre-Primary in Dance (Class Award Assessment Form)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Their Love Affair

Shenny and her cousin, Jie Hang
Today, Shenny had her cousin, Jie Hang (2 year older than her) accompany us for dinner.
Over the dinner, these two fellows talked about their love affair.

Here were roughly the content of their conversation:

Shenny began with this: "Now, I have two boy friends to choose, don't know who to choose."
Cousin (tried to tease): "Not sure the boy really like you."
Mommy: "Shenny told us the boy had admitted Shenny as his girl friend in school, even their teacher know about it." Cousin laughed.
Mommy: "I thought you also have a girl friend. What is her name?" Cousin laughed again.
Cousin:"You don't know?"
Mommy:"Ah Yi is old.. can't remember well. Tell us."
Cousin:"X X X (the girl's name). I chased her since I was 5 year old. I find it hard (我追得很辛苦. She never says she likes me. I am not sure whether she likes me."
Shenny quickly add: "I also begin to have boy friend at 5 year old."

Gosh...mommy and papa laughed and shaked our head, don't know what to say now.

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