Sunday, September 11, 2011

Their Love Affair

Shenny and her cousin, Jie Hang
Today, Shenny had her cousin, Jie Hang (2 year older than her) accompany us for dinner.
Over the dinner, these two fellows talked about their love affair.

Here were roughly the content of their conversation:

Shenny began with this: "Now, I have two boy friends to choose, don't know who to choose."
Cousin (tried to tease): "Not sure the boy really like you."
Mommy: "Shenny told us the boy had admitted Shenny as his girl friend in school, even their teacher know about it." Cousin laughed.
Mommy: "I thought you also have a girl friend. What is her name?" Cousin laughed again.
Cousin:"You don't know?"
Mommy:"Ah Yi is old.. can't remember well. Tell us."
Cousin:"X X X (the girl's name). I chased her since I was 5 year old. I find it hard (我追得很辛苦. She never says she likes me. I am not sure whether she likes me."
Shenny quickly add: "I also begin to have boy friend at 5 year old."

Gosh...mommy and papa laughed and shaked our head, don't know what to say now.


Hayley said...

Kids these days...... sweat =_="" hahaha :P

anney said...

Oh Shenny you already have a bf? hehehe! You are a funny little girl always putting a smile on my face!

Mummy Gwen said...

Oh my...pengsan already. Wah Shenny got 2 boyfriends ah...LOL.

ChloeRuoyi said...

Only in preschool and Shenny is already talking about boyfriends haha! Wait till she reaches her teenage years ;)

Small Kucing said... young have bf already ah? SHenny's mommy will have lot of supper to eat lo

prince n princess mum said...

hahaha.. all got bf gf in such young age... :p

Sheoh Yan said...

Shake head, don't know should be happy or not. I would tell my girls, all boys in her classmate are BF, all girls in her class are her GF. I hope my girls won't get so sensitive with the calling of BF or GF.

Chew Lee said...

this cracks me up so early morning.... my girl has not reported this kind of incident to me, hopefully not too soon ...

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