Sunday, May 30, 2010

Drawings (3)

These was a collection of Shenny's drawing from her art class from last year in the period from end of March 09 and July 09.  She began to attend her art class at the age of 3 year 8 months old
This is drawn in her 1st art class.  Her art teacher told mommy that Shenny said she loves music very much, therefore she drew a keyboard.

Shenny simply drew a monster.

The children saw a giant sun. 

Under the water there was many fishes.  Shenny likes fish.

This is a colourful giraffe in a zoo.

Alien's spaceship flying to earth.

The mother is bringing her children to the playground and they saw a chicken.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Attend an Opera

Shenny's music teacher, Kelly has invited her students to attend An Evening of Opera Arias and Art Songs organized by ASWARA (Akademi Seni Budayadan Warisan Kebangsaan) in Panggung DBKL on last monday (24/5/2010).  This was the FIRST Vocal Recital performed by ASWARA's vocal lecturers.  The concert is aimed to cultivate more youngster into Classical Singing. 

Mommy found this is very interesting.  Mommy believes this would be not only an eye opener for Shenny to expose into classical music, also to see how a pianist play his song accompanied by a singer.

When mommy told papa, papa immediately agreed to take us to watch.  Haha..Shenny was extremely excited about this and kept on asking mommy the same question for a few days whether the opera coming near.

Shenny and her teacher Kelly taken before the show.

Mommy found out Shenny was the only student to attend the opera on that day.  The entrance fee is very cheap; RM10 for adult, RM5 for children.  The opera had a full house and it ran successfully.  Shenny enjoyed the opera very much.

Encik Amri Zane,BARITONE on Mozart's Die Zauberflote. 
The pianist teacher, Mr Wong Chee Yean has just graduated from Indiana University in USA.

Shenny likes Encik Amri Zane's singing.  She kept on smiling when listening to his singing from begining to end.  Mommy asked Shenny why she seems very happy.  Shenny then whispered in mommy's ear said : "He is so handsome.  I like his singing."  Haha...both papa and mommy jokingly told Shenny that he likes old man.

Ms Syafiza Yatim (Soprano)

A cappella on song entitled Lady, Your Eye my Love Enforced by Cik Syafinaz Selamat, Cik Dia Fadilla, Encik Fairuz Zamani and Encik Amri Zane.
** Mommy would put up another two beautiful vocal lecturers performing once teacher Kelly get approval from them.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Keyboard Lessons Update (3)

It was 7 months since Shenny began her keyboard lesson through Musikgarten Programme. She now could play more than 10 songs.

Here, mommy would like to make a log of some songs she had played in her blog.

Bim Bam and London Bridge is Falling Down

I Hear the Mill Wheel

Sea Shell

Ode To Joy (full song).
Earlier Shenny could play first half the song, mommy has posted it earlier: Keyboard Lessons Update (2).  Surprisingly she figures out herself to play the rest of song after listening few times to the song.

Monday, May 24, 2010

It is easy

Shenny will have test this week, but she didn't do revision at all during last weekends. Mommy asked her, she replied confidently "I know already, it is easy."
So, what did Shenny do on last weekends? We went to watch "SHREK" and shopping in Carrefour on Saturday. Although we stayed at home on Sunday, Shenny did not bother to do revision also, she just did painting, playing her barbie doll, watching her favourite programs in channel TVIQ 552 and fooling around.

Both papa and mommy did not want to push her too, thinking to let her have a stressfree childhood if possible. In addition, her kindy also had done revision last week and she did well too. Mommy guess it should not be much different from actual test.

Since she is so confident that she knows already, mommy just wait and see when her test result is back.

Shenny concentrated on her painting.

Shenny made up her own songs

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Shenny has a crystal heart ?

In a few occasions, mommy "accidentally" praise other children, Shenny will immediately tell mommy that she is the same. And if mommy told her that she is not the same, she can easily tear down and show her unhappiness.

Last nite, mommy taught her chinese and encountered a new word "" (means good behave).  Shenny knew the meaning but not recognised the word.

Here was our conversation:

Mommy: 这个字怎样读?(how to read this word?)
Shenny: 我不会读。 (I can not read.)
Mommy: 乖。 Shenny 乖不乖? (Shenny good or not?)
Shenny (immediately replied): 乖。 (Good)
Mommy (purposely said): Shenny 不乖。 (Shenny not good.)
Shenny : 我乖。 (I am good.)
Mommy (purposely said again): Mommy 说 Shenny 不乖。 (Mommy say Shenny not good)

Immediately there is some tears lingering in Shenny's eyes.

Shenny: Where got mommy say her daughter not good.  Bad mommy.

Mommy was a bit shock with her reaction and laughed.

Mommy then said: Mommy just joke with you. Why so serious?
Shenny (answered very seriously): You can not say that.
Mommy: Ok..ok..

Monday, May 17, 2010

Funny Chat (Part 2)

Chat 1

Mommy never forget to ask Shenny whether she had done her "big business" (pass motion) after picking her up from her kindergarten.  She will answer that she had done it in school.  This had gone on for quite sometimes and mommy never doubt with her reply until last week.  Mommy suddenly felt Shenny might have lied to mommy, how could she pass motion every day in school.  Then, mommy decided to further interogate her. 

Below were roughly one of our normal conversation almost every day:

Mommy: Did you poo-poo today?
Shenny: Yes.
Mommy:How many piece did you poo?
Shenny:One piece
Mommy:Which teacher see you poo-poo?
Shenny:Teacher Selene.
Mommy:Ok, tomorrow mommy will check with teacher Selene.
(Shenny was a bit surprise when mommy told her this)
Shenny: Can you still remember tomorrow morning?
(Shenny knew mommy was a forgetful type, so she asked this to check.)
Mommy:Of course, I will remember.  Are you sure Teacher Selene see you poo-poo?
Shenny (change her mind): No, I didn't poo-poo today.
(If Shenny really poo-poo in school, she will firm with her answer)

Nowadays, mommy knows how to question Shenny on any matter, by asking her "Who see it?", "When do you do it?" and "Why?".  She sure finally gives up and tells mommy honestly. 

Chat 2

While papa and mommy watched Nanny 911, Shenny played on her own and then papa caught sight Shenny walk on her knee. Papa quickly stopped her.

Papa:Shenny, don't walk on your knee while wearing your pajama.
(Shenny stopped and looked at papa.)
Papa:What happen if you mop the floor with cloth, where does dirt go?
Papa:Now, you walked on your knee while wearing your pajama, where does dirt go?

After saying that, she laughed and both papa and mama rolled our eyes.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Self Entertained

Since Shenny is the only sibling mommy and papa have currently, she always finds something to do to entertain herself at home.  She is not a quiet type. 

When papa is around, she would like papa to play with her or read for her.  Sometimes she even asks papa to be her cameraman, and she would be the actress or dancer.

Here mommy would like to share a few clips that Shenny had asked papa to record for her.

Shenny did the funny dance.

Shenny talked with her children.  She expressively told mommy these soft toys are her children.

Shenny taught her children when she was 23 month old.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cheering on Papa Flying Fox's Act

Mommy was happy to find out that one of papa's colleagues had recorded papa's practice run on the flying fox.  Shenny was there to shout "Papa, I love you.", to express her happiness.

Here is the video clip:

Thanks to one of papa's colleague made the recording when papa made the flying fox stunt.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Adventure in TPM

On Mother Day, Shenny and mommy followed papa to Taman Pertanian Malaysia (TPM) in Shah Alam.  Papa took part in the Skytrex adventure which was organised by his company.  Shenny and mommy were there to support him, as well took this opportunity to breathe in some fresh air in the jungle.

Actually, there also has little adventure for children.  To try out those little adventure really needs big guts, and both mommy and papa thought Shenny could only do it next year. 

Shenny was very happy because she could mingle with papa's colleagues.  She told papa that she could recognise some of her papa's friends because she had met them before.

These photos were taken by papa colleagues.

Before going into the big thrill adventure, papa and his colleagues had to do practice run on the flying fox. 
Shenny was there to support papa, immediately when it was done, she shouted: "Papa, I love you".  All papa's colleagues heard that, immediately gave a big applause.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Present

Last Thursday, Shenny told mommy that she would have a special present for me tomorrow. Mommy asked her "Why?" She replied: "It is mother day . Mommy, you are supermom.

She told mommy that though she had busy made the present in the class but only allowed to bring home on Friday. However, Shenny forget to give it to mommy on Friday. Mommy guess it could be she had kept it inside her homework pouch and her Friday schedule was a bit tight that she had forgotten about this special present. She only took it out on Saturday afternoon.

When Shenny gave the present to mommy, she said "Mommy, I love you". Mommy was happy and gave her a big hug.  The present was an aeroplane bookmark and paper flower pot.  Shenny said she made the paper flower pot herself but the bookmark was given by her teacher.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New School Bag

Shenny was extremely happy to carry her new school beg to school on last Monday morning. 

Mommy had been planning to buy a new school bag for her, but kept on forgetting.  And last Saturday, it happened that we went to Jalan Petaling (China town in Kuala Lumpur) and saw some begs, then mommy remembered to buy for her.

In fact, the old school beg was a present from her 小阿姨 (mommy's youngest sister) two years ago.  It was quite small and suitable for 4 year old schooling.  Now, her old school beg was quite old, a bit torn and dirty, that is why both papa and mommy agree to get her a new school beg. 

When we were in the shop, Shenny was eyeing on those bags with printed Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Snow White and Cinderella but these begs are a bit bigger.  suitable for primary school. Both papa and mommy recommended Shenny to choose school beg printed with Dora the Explorer, and explained to her why that is better for her age. She accepted our advice and said "Ok, I like Dora a little bit".

Note: The different between "Old" and "New" school bag. 
Shenny got more and more excited with her new school bag. She asked mommy today.
Shenny: "Do you know my most favourite thing?"
Mommy: "I don't know."
Shenny: "Dora my school bag. I love it so much."
Mommy: "Not barbie doll anymore, so I can give it away."
Shenny: "No, I still like barbie, but like Dora more now."

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Learning Chopstick

Mommy got to know this learning chopstick through a mother's blog (can't remember from which website liao).

As mommy does not know how to teach Shenny to hold chopstick, therefore mommy decided to buy the chopstick from the same vendor:Young Young after discussing with papa. The similar set of chopstick could be find in Amazon site too.

On the day when we had the chopstick delivered to our house, Shenny was so excited, immediately requested mommy to cook noodle as dinner. She almost instantly know how to hold chopstick to eat her noodle. She could use chopstick easily to hold brocoli, noodle and egg.

Mommy think with the help of learning chopstick, it could be easier to teach Shenny to hold normal chopstick. Therefore, from time to time, mommy and papa will check across with Shenny on holding normal chopstick. Mommy believes soon Shenny will be able to pick up holding chopstick skill.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

All time favourite - Maisy

Maisy the little mouse is Shenny's all time favourite cartoon.

Mommy first introduced Maisy to Shenny when she was around 1 year old.

The first vcd Mommy bought was "Maisy's Bedtime". The initial purpose is to let Shenny to watch how cute Maisy the cartoon mouse brushing her teeth and putting on her pajamas as she goes through her bedtime routine. This is to help Shenny aware that this routine is important for herself too. Then, Shenny likes this cartoon character and watches it almost everyday. Mommy then slowly made collections of most Maisy cartoons.

Eventhough Shenny now is nearly 5 year old, she still likes to turn on Maisy's cartoon to watch to entertain herself.

Few months ago, mommy bought a Maisy story book titled "Maisy goes to the hospital" .

Shenny loves to read it over and over and over again. Mommy asked her why she loves to read this book, she told me that the story is interesting, printed word is big and most importantly she likes Maisy.

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