Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Adventure in TPM

On Mother Day, Shenny and mommy followed papa to Taman Pertanian Malaysia (TPM) in Shah Alam.  Papa took part in the Skytrex adventure which was organised by his company.  Shenny and mommy were there to support him, as well took this opportunity to breathe in some fresh air in the jungle.

Actually, there also has little adventure for children.  To try out those little adventure really needs big guts, and both mommy and papa thought Shenny could only do it next year. 

Shenny was very happy because she could mingle with papa's colleagues.  She told papa that she could recognise some of her papa's friends because she had met them before.

These photos were taken by papa colleagues.

Before going into the big thrill adventure, papa and his colleagues had to do practice run on the flying fox. 
Shenny was there to support papa, immediately when it was done, she shouted: "Papa, I love you".  All papa's colleagues heard that, immediately gave a big applause.


Mummy Gwen said...

Shenny and Mummy came to give Papa moral support..that's so nice. Shenny was having great fun in all the pics. She can mingle with adults too ya. ^_^

Alice Phua said...

Sweet and lovable girl you have here. If I'm there that time and heard what your daughter said, I will give a big applause too! :-D

Alice Law said...

LOL! It seems both papa and Shenny enjoyed their adventurous outing! She is such a adorable girl, I would be touched if my girl confessed "I love you" to me! My husband would probably hail and dance for days if my girl said that to him!^-^

Have a nice day to you!

Little Kit Boy said...

Shenny look so cute in all the pictures taken with so many funny face expression, especially the one where she was aiming with the water-gun (I supposed).

And I think Papa could 'fly' even much higher than doing the flying-fox after hearing Shenny say the three magic words. so sweet.

Zara's Mama said...

Was it fun for Shenny actually? We are thinking of bringing the girls there too..

But the weather these days soooo hot.

Was it hot in the park?

Shenny's mommy said...

Zara's Mama:
I think it is best to go in the morning. We went there during noon, although have shade, but sweat a lot. Shenny's blouse sweat through.
Shenny didn't do the little adventure, she had fun mingling with papa's colleagues actually.

I think your Zara can do the little adventure, not Zaria. There are other places to visit in TPM too, apart from Skytrex adventure.

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