Sunday, May 2, 2010

Learning Chopstick

Mommy got to know this learning chopstick through a mother's blog (can't remember from which website liao).

As mommy does not know how to teach Shenny to hold chopstick, therefore mommy decided to buy the chopstick from the same vendor:Young Young after discussing with papa. The similar set of chopstick could be find in Amazon site too.

On the day when we had the chopstick delivered to our house, Shenny was so excited, immediately requested mommy to cook noodle as dinner. She almost instantly know how to hold chopstick to eat her noodle. She could use chopstick easily to hold brocoli, noodle and egg.

Mommy think with the help of learning chopstick, it could be easier to teach Shenny to hold normal chopstick. Therefore, from time to time, mommy and papa will check across with Shenny on holding normal chopstick. Mommy believes soon Shenny will be able to pick up holding chopstick skill.


Serene said...

I saw this training chopstick from some of the mummy's blog too. It looks really useful and cute.

Mummy Gwen said...

The chopsticks are so cute. I can see Shenny loves her pair of chopsticks. ^_^ I also want to get Gwen a pair of learning chopsticks. :)

Alice Phua said...

So this is the learning chopstick you were talking about in my blog! I didn't know that there's such thing as training chopstick until you mentioned it. Cute chopstick! How much did you buy the chopstick?

Alice Law said...

Lovely chopsticks, how thoughful you are... must be quite pricey leh~! I just offered my girl the pair of chopsticks I bought from Daiso the RM5 shop, "paiseh"...>o<

Shenny's mommy said...

To two Alice:
The learning chopstick is RM18 plus RM4 postage. I think the price is reasonable. My hubby came across almost similar pair in Isetan, it was RM30++.

Anney said...

Such nice chopsticks! The kids can easily learn how to use one. It's cute I love the color!

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