Friday, December 7, 2007

Play School

Mommy is always happy with decision to send Shenny to full-day care nursery school at the age of 18 months (Jan 2007).

Still remember the 1st day Shenny in nursery school. Mommy was worried and purposely took half-day leave just to accompany Shenny till noon. At noon, Mommy purposely suddenly disappeared and let the teacher took Shenny for lunch. Mommy hide and from far observing Shenny sit with teacher and other kids eating her lunch. Shenny has already know how to use spoon/fork to scoop noodle or rice at home. So, it is no problem Shenny can eat all by herself but just a bit messy.

On 2nd day, Mommy just stayed 5 minutes with Shenny in school. I then called up to check how Shenny cope after I left. Surprisingly, teacher told me she just cried for a while (about 5 minutes).

At nursery school, Shenny has learnt many things.

Below are lists of achievement that Shenny has learnt from school (from Jan to Dec 2007):

1) At around 20 months, Shenny has successfully gone through potty training, which she does not need to wear diaper the whole day. She only wears diaper during sleeping time. It is very interesting to know how teacher train little kids to use potty. They had 4 little kids sit on potty in a row for 10 minutes. During this period, children are not allowed to make noise, however, the kids like to touch each other while sitting on potty.

2) At around 21 months, Shenny can recognise many colors (blue, yellow, black, white, green, pink and many more). I was told, among 18 children in Shenny age group, Shenny is considered as the 2nd top fast learner. The 1st top learner was a boy who is 6 months older than Shenny.

3) At around 22 months, Shenny can speak in full sentences clearly in English.

4) At around 22 months, Shenny can sing some beautiful songs.


Shenny nowadays like to look at mirror.

Incident 1:
Today, I let shenny wear dress (from Zhii2) and a underwear. I told her there is mickey mouse at her underwear which is at the back. She was very happy and tried to look at it but can't. So, she climbed on the dressing table's chair and told me "I want see mickey mouse at mirror". She did and was very happy.

Incident 2:
Whenever shenny finished shower and dress up, I will ask her to comb her hair. If she happens to be at the dressing table, she will look at mirror, and told herself : "Handsome boy". I will quickly correct her, "Shenny is a girl, should say 'pretty girl'" Although I have corrected her for so many times, she still repeats the same mistake.
I wonder whether she still confuses between boy and girl, or could be it is just conveniences that "handsome boy" two words come out from mouth.

Incident 3:
Don't know why two days ago, shenny has a little nose bleeding. When I saw it, I told her. She immediately hold my hand and pulled me to dressing table, said "I want to see my bleeding nose at mirror"

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


On Monday morning (3/12/07), Shenny suddenly told me "I want papa kiss mummy!" But this was not heard by her papa because she said this only after his papa get off from the car heading to LRT station. Then I told her: "Tell your papa tomorrow morning". But she replied me "Tonite".
I was so surprise to hear her reply. Does she actually understand "Tonite?"

Actually, Shenny keeps on surprising me adding new words in her conversations with mummy and papa nowadays; eg just now, yesterday...

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