Friday, March 16, 2012

Funny Chat (Part 8)

This conversation happened many months ago, mommy could not remember the exact time. But this was real funny, mommy always thinks of it, therefore decides to keep a log in Shenny's diary.  Let her have a laugh of it in future. :)

Mommy overheard Shenny and her cousins' conversation.  They were trying to compare things they had at home.
The conversation was something like below:

Cousin 1 : I have ipad at home.
Cousin 2 : My father has iphone. I always played it at home.
Cousin 3 : I have Ben 10 school bag.. (this is boy's thing, of course Shenny won't have)
Cousin 1 and Cousin 2 immediately replied: I have too.
Cousin 2 : I have piano at home. (at that time, Shenny still had not owned a piano yet)

Above all items, Shenny didn't have any, she just listened, said nothing.

Her cousins continued comparing...
Cousin 2: My father's car has tv. I can watch cartoon in the car...
Cousin 1 & 3 : Yes, I have too....

Then out of sudden, Shenny opened her mouth...

Shenny: My house has a big SWIMMING POOL.

All her cousins were instantly quiet...and stopped comparing. you think this is a big JOKE?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Her Jewellery Tree

Last Saturday (3/3/2012), Shenny complained to mommy that she had not got chance to do art and craft at home for a very long time already.  Instead of going out, she requested to stay at home on Saturday afternoon.

Shenny wanted to work on jewellery tree, the Christmas present she received last year (<<click here>>).  That reminded mommy of the mission that need to be completed before next Christmas come.  Mommy immediately granted Shenny's request.

For this mission, it took two days to complete.  Shenny worked rather slow this time.  Mommy had to lend some hand for her, else it might take even longer.

Here are some shots of work progress:

First step, Shenny chose to paint pink and red colour on each wooden tree model.  

Second step, she slot the two wooden model across each other to form a tree.
Third step, Shenny painted some spots on wooden model to look like leaves and made some spot on tree trunk too. 
Fourth step, Shenny applied super-glue on each spot, so that she could stick twinkling/sparkling stuff to design the tree.  To do all these, Shenny worked a bit slow, that's why mommy came to help.  
Finally, Shenny posed with her jewellery tree.
Jewellery tree hung with some Shenny's hand accessories.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Her 2011 Christmas Presents

This is a very backdated post.

During our last year visit to The Netherlands, Shenny had received few Christmas presents from her grandmother, uncle (Shuk Shuk) and aunties.

Below are the presents she got:

This is the present from her grandma: A little smurf house and some accessories.
Her youngest uncle (shuk shuk) bought her a simple robot hamster which can move forward or backward when hit things, talk and sleep when it is tired.  Shenny immediately pronounced her dream had come true as she finally got a pet.  She didn't mind her pet is a robot.
Her eldest aunty (papa's sister) gave her a full tea-set with Hello Kitty printed on it.  She was glad that she could use this to serve her children (her soft toys) in proper ways.

Aunty Yee Wah (papa's cousin) had bought her a set of DIY jewellery box. 

Aunty Yee Ping (papa's cousin) had bought her a DIY jewellery tree.
Shenny loves to do art & craft, she was looking forward to make her hand dirty to complete the above mission, so that she could keep her jewelleries.
Regrettly to say that, the above mission is just completed by 50% only. 

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