Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Drawings (2)

Mommy would like to share a few latest drawings made by Shenny.

Pretend - take photo

Shenny made a joke this morning while on her way to kindergarten. Here is her conversation.
Shenny:"My eyes can take photos".
Papa: "How?".
Shenny: "Like this". Then she blink her eyes and continue said: "Photo then come out from my mouth. Can slot battery into my nose".
Mommy: "What about if battery flat?".
Shenny: ""Take out the batteries and slot in a new one lar..".
Mommy: "Who teach you this?".
Shenny:"No one teaches me. I like to pretend.".

Haha..nowadays, Shenny likes to come out funny ideas that surprises us. In fact, both papa and mommy like it.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Home again

Shenny was very excited to be home again after 2 nights in the hospital. Her mood was great and she had some singing before bed.
Mommy would like to share this.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Shenny was hospitalized

Shenny began to have fever and cough on Monday (3 Aug 2009) and her fever didn't subside after the 3rd day. Mommy was panic when her fever gone up to 39.6c on Wednesday and immediately sent her to Gleneagle hospital.
The doctor did H1N1 and dengi test but luckily the result were negative. She also had chest X'ray. The X'ray showed that she had viral infections. Therefore, the doctor wanted her to be admitted. Doctor told us Shenny had some difficulty in breathing when cough and phlegm was so sticky that hard to come out.

When Shenny got to know that she would need to stay overnight in hospital, her first reaction was "I don't want stay in hospital. I want to go home. I miss my bed. I miss my hippo". Papa tried to comfort her by saying "You are not alone. Mommy will stay with you".

We had waited for 4 hours, and the hospital only able to get us a four-bed room while mommy's request was single bed room. However, we had no choice, had to take it. It was not an easy nite for both Shenny and mommy as occasionally could hear other childrens cried for discomfort.

After doctor visit in the morning, mommy was informed that Shenny would have to stay in hospital for another day. Quickly, mommy went to request for a single bed room again but was told only twin-sharing available. Mommy then agreed immediately to transfer to twin-sharing room.

When we move to twin-sharing room, Shenny was excited because there is a personal tv for her, it means she can watch her cartoon. However, mommy tried to ask Shenny spend some time in drawing and playing puzzle.

Shenny's class teacher (Teacher Ninie) and headmaster (Mr. Alex) came to visit her. Before they came, she had drawn one picture for her teacher Ninie.
Here it is:

Shenny also drew a picture to describe her doctor. The doctor is big size, fat and bald.

Video clip of Shenny played puzzle:

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