Sunday, October 31, 2010

Very Excited ?

Found Shenny write this note on her white board. 
Mommy helped her to place in comma and fulstop, else her sentences were way too long.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween Day

Shenny would like to wish everyone to have a 'Happy Halloween' today.

Shenny made this drawing from her art class.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Funny Chat (Part 5)

Chat 1

Mommy was wondering what Shenny do inside bedroom.  Then called her from kitchen.
Mommy: "Shenny, can you come out from bedroom?  You can read the story book you borrow from school."
Shenny: "I am busy arranging my bookshelf.  I can not do anything because I only have two hands."

Ooo...both papa and mommy laughed to hear her reaction.

Chat 2

Sometime, Shenny just loves to eat without stopping if food matches her appetite. 
One day, mommy teased her.

Mommy: "Shenny, if you can not stop eating, you will be fatty boom boom like Zhii Zhii jie jie (her cousin)."
Shenny: "No, Zhii Zhii jie jie is not fat.  She is just plum."

Chat 3

Nowadays, whenever mommy gives Shenny kiss on her cheek.  She will quickly touch her cheek and make a motion to touch on her chest. 
Then, she said: "I keep mommy's kiss in my heart".

** She does the same for her papa.

Chat 4

Papa wanted Shenny to make one drawing each day that to compile as a book to give away to his mother (Shenny's grandma).  Therefore, papa would check with Shenny everytime when he came back from work.  Sometimes, Shenny did and sometimes she forgot.

One day, papa had this conversation with Shenny when Shenny complained that she did not have much money in her piggy bank.

Papa: "Does papa need to pay you to make a drawing?"
Shenny: (she laughed) "Yes"

Then, mommy asked Shenny.

Mommy: "Who pay for your food?"
Shenny: *** (didn't reply)
Mommy: "Papa right!  Do you need to pay papa for your food every day?"
Shenny: (surprisingly she said) "I help papa to eat the food.  Papa needs to pay me.  hahaha..."

** Both mommy and papa were speechless.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Best Reader 2010

Shenny's kindy had their Graduation & Award held on last Saturday morning, 23rd October 2010. 
The kindy had rather made an awkward (funny) decision to allow 6 year old only to perform on stage this year. 
Actually, Shenny was a bit disappointed for this decision.  She loved to dance on stage because she did that last year.  She performed two dances last year and one of her dances was "Dragostea Din Tel".
(You might like to see her last year's dance: link)

However, Shenny was still invited to attend the ceremony to receive an award.

Shenny won Best English Reader for her 5 year old class.  This is the 2nd year she won the similar award.

Shenny and her classmates won different awards respectively.

Shenny won the similar award two year consecutively.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Papa's Music Teacher

Since Shenny began her music class, she would occasionally teach her papa to play song for fun.

Here is one video clip taken recently.  Shenny taught her papa to play the song "Listen for bells":

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Swimming on her OWN finally

Regret to say that we live in this condo for nearly 8 years, and we hardly went down to the swimming pool.  Mommy could count the number of our visit by ten fingers. **paiseh**

Actually, Shenny loves to play water in swimming pool and yet papa and mommy not keen to bring her.  Therefore, whenever we bring her down to swimming pool, it is very hard to ask her to come out from water.

Three months ago, mommy bounced into a swimming instructor at the pool area.  Mommy asked him to teach Shenny swimming too.  He taught her twice a week. 
To increase her interest and confident, her cousin Hang Hang (7 year old) also joins in the lesson.
In fact, it was GREAT challenge for Shenny as briefly described below:

1st challenge -  Shenny was afraid to dive her head in the water. 

Shenny didn't know how to float in the water.  She behaved so stiff when instructor teach her to float with kickboard.
Also, Shenny was so scared to dip her head in water, therefore, when instructor asked her to dive her head in water, she only barely touched her nose in water and quickly walked away.

So, the instructor kept on encouraging her. Then she finally dared to dip her head and breath out in the water.

Shenny loves to dive her head in the water for many many times NOW.

2nd challenge - Shenny didn't know how to float in the water.

The instructer taught her to float by holding on kickboard.

3rd challenge - She becomes horrified when asked to swim without kickboard. 
It took few days and few lessons for both mommy and instructer to encourage her to jump into water without kickboard.  To build up her confident, the instructer had to train her in the child pool.

Shenny never wanted to let go her kickboard when swim in adult pool.

4th challenge - Shenny only dared to swim at the child pool without kickboard. 
She could do many different stunts in the child pool and became very confident in the water. 
However, she STILL didn't want to let go the kickboard at the adult pool.  She was afraid that she could be drawn because her foot could not touch the ground. (Adult pool is 5.5 feet depth)

5th challenge - Shenny could finally swim in the adult pool without kickboard but need an adult next to her.
Her reason is that if she did not have strength to swim, she could grab the person next to her. 

Shenny could swim in a very short distance only. She managed to make few (3 or 4) hits in the water and then grabbed on her instructor.

FINALLYShenny overcome her fear and she could swim across the pool without anyone next to her. 

Shenny swam across the adult pool.  Her instructor was on the other side of pool looked on her.

Now, she even found her own way to stand in water. Her instructor will teach her proper technique in future.

Mommy and papa felt so relieve and proud of her, she finally could swim after two months hardwork (stop one month in between). 

Day by day, Shenny had become more and more confidence in the water.  Although she is a little success, mommy and papa have faith in her that she would excel in her swimming.

Since Shenny began her swimming lesson, mommy accompanied her to swim almost every day.  Now, mommy's swimming skill also improved a lot. :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Day Trip to I-City

Ha..finally we made our trip to Shah Alam to visit I-City there on last Saturday. 

Before going to I-City, we stopped by a shopping center next to the Concode Hotel for lunch.  This was the first time we visited this shopping center and we didn't know what to have for our lunch.  Therefore, we walked around the shopping from ground floor to the highest floor.  Finally, we decided to eat the middle-east food at Sahara Tent Restoran.  In fact, we were attracted to the decoration of the restaurant too.

We didn't know what to order and ask for recommendation.  We were glad because the waiter had made right recommendation for us. 
We ordered Mixed Grill, Kus Kus (lamb stew with carrot, potato and egg plant) and Moroccan Vegetable Soup.  Shenny gave a thump up for the food.  Papa ordered Turkish Coffee but mommy didn't like the taste at all.
All these caused us RM79.20 damage, considered worth it. Mommy like Kus Kus very much because mutton was very well stewed until no "yong sou mei" 羊骚味。
Some photos taken in the restaurant.

After satisfied with the food, we headed to I-City nearby around 4pm.   The weather was terribly hot.  We stopped by for about 1 hour to take few photos only.  Most of shops and restaurants were closed at this hour.

These were photos we taken there:

Shenny pretended to pull the sledge.

A beautiful scene to see some birds standing and flying around the "fake" trees.
Shenny pretended to catch a lantern.

We would like to make night trip to I-City too in near future to make comparison.

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