Thursday, November 19, 2009

Graduation & Concert 2009

Shenny's kindergarten had their annual graduation & concert on 12th November 2009. And Shenny had the chance to dance in the concert too.

Her class teachers (Teacher Ninie & Teacher Thevika) had those children who took part in the concert to practice dancing almost every day for 2 weeks in the school before the concert. Also, advised children to practice themselves at home over weekends with the given CD loaded with song. Shenny's class would perform Dragostea Din Tel. Shenny was very excited about the event and looked forward it to come soon.

Shenny and her friends were not afraid at all on stage. I would say all of them perform very well. This had proved that their teachers were serious and had really put effort to train them.

Shenny posted her dancing dress.

Shenny and her classmates waiting at backstage before their performance.

Dance 1:

Shenny smiled a lot throughout the performance. Mommy reckons Shenny was very happy that she was able to dance on stage finally.

Dance 2:

Mommy only found out Shenny had a 2nd dance performance when saw her appear on stage again, but luckily still able to record bits of her dancing for her remembrance.

During the concert, school also given out awards for some outstanding performance students. Ha...both Shenny and her cousin, Jie Hang are among of them too.

Shenny won the Best English Reader for her 4 year old class.
Jie Hang won the Best Chinese Reader for his 5 year old class.


凯凯&萱萱 said...

Shenny,clever girl......

Alice Law said...

Very talented, I shall rememebr you forever~!^-^

anney said...

She looks so cute in her dress! A good dancer too!

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