Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Keyboard Lessons Update (1)

Shenny goes to have her first keyboard lesson through Musikgarten Programme in November. She looks forward to have a keyboard at home. When she told her wish to papa, papa just said nothing.

When mommy told Shenny that papa has agreed to purchase her a new keyboard after many many days of thinking hard, Shenny was so excited.

Now, Shenny can play keyboard anytime whenever she wants at home. She just walks to keyboard and press a few times whenever she feels bored doing homework, playing toys or watching her cartoon. She even can play keyboard when she is passing stool. Many people might wonder how she do it. Actually, she just sits and drags her potty next to keyboard, and then presses on keyboard. If papa is around, papa would just ask her to sing "poo poo number one to come out, poo poo number two to come..." and so on.

Attached are three short clips Shenny plays simple song..

(Shenny plays a song without singing)

(Shenny plays and sings "Mouse, Mousie" song.)

(Shenny plays and sings "Listen for Bells" after keyboard class.)

Mommy and papa hope Shenny will enjoy her keyboard lesson.

1 comment:

Shenny's mommy said...

This is a message from aunty Lydia.

You know Shenny is so blessed to have understanding parents like you because along the way you never know she may have hidden talents!

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