Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gift to class teacher (Part 1)

Yesterday,Shenny took out a piece of paper and began to do drawing after dinner.

Mommy: "Why are you so busy?".
Shenny: "I want to draw something for Teacher Ninie".
Mommy:"Does your teacher ask you to do this?".
Shenny:"No, I just want to give her. I like her so much".

Here is the picture Shenny have come out.

Mommy: "Wow, your butterfly is so beautiful. Mommy feels so proud of you. Why do you draw butterfly for your teacher".
Shenny: "Because I like butterfly".

Then, mommy asked her to keep in her homework pouch, so that tommorow she can remember to give it to her teacher.
But, when she came back from school, mommy asked her whether her teacher like the drawing. She told me she doesn't want to give her yet, will give her next week.
Hopefully, Shenny will remember this next week.

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Lybil said...

That's very sweet of your girl :) Her drawing is good too!


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