Friday, December 16, 2011

Musikgarten Graduation Concert 2011 (Part 2)

>> Shenny and friends performed Grease Lightning. The group comprise kids ages ranges from 4 to 7 years old.
It was a very exciting dance, everyone really had their heat at rock and roll.

>> Shenny and friends danced on this piece of song entitled Balaio which is a piece from South America. Teacher Kelly had turned this folk dance into a fruit basket dance for her girls age ranging from 6 to 7 years old.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Musikgarten Graduation Concert 2011 (Part 1)

Teacher Kelly held her Musikgarten Concert every three years. Shenny last attended the concert was her age at 3 year++. And she get to do group dance on "Do Re Mi" at that time.
After few years of nurturing under teacher Kelly through Musikgarten program, Shenny and her friends get opportunity to do numerous performances (group and solo) in the concert.

As this is Shenny's blog, mommy would only put up those Shenny take part.

Teacher Kelly taught Shenny to sing "Somewhere over the rainbow" during the Music Camp.

Here is the video clip of Shenny rehearsing for the concert:

Actual performance on stage:

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Graduation Dance " You Raise Me Up " (Part 3)

Apart from giving welcome speech and drama play, Shenny also get to perform "You Raise Me Up" with her classmates in their graduation concert.

Shenny was very excited to be part of performers and looked forward to the day to come. Actually, she had been waiting for this opportunity for years after her last experience stage performance when she was 4 year old (Shenny's 4 year old performance).

Thanks for her class teacher, Garren for diligently practiced with them for weeks before concert. And they had performed well on stage and captured every audiences' heart.

Here was part of video clip taken by papa:

And below was the recording of Shenny sang the song to her music teacher, Kelly.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Graduation and Last Day at School (Part 2)

Finally, Shenny brought back her graduation and class photo on her last day at school.  This also means Shenny had officially completed her 5 years school life in GCC. 

The day before farewell, Shenny used paintbrush tools to make a farewell card template, and then printed it out. There were total of seven teachers Shenny would like to give the card.  To make it special and unique for each teacher, Shenny wrote her personal message on each card. 

Below is the farewell card template:
She drew the card by herself except her face (which was helped by her papa).
In the card, Shenny wore GCC uniform and bid farewell.
Below was one of actual farewell cards, Shenny gave to her teacher.
Shenny wrote a personal message to her class teacher, Garren, who is the only one speak mandarin to her in school.
On her last day in school, mommy was told all kids cried to bid farewell to their teachers, that their crying sound could be heard at another floor.  Kids hug each other and their teachers before they left school.
Shenny told mommy that she felt so sad when her class teacher, Garren spoke to her.  Her heart was heavy and sour.

Below is Shenny's graduation portrait and her class members:

Class photo
Among hundreds of graduates stood on stage, mommy and papa were having difficulty to find Shenny, luckily she kept on stare at us and and not forget to wave her hand, and we immediately spot her.

Thanks Lynn (Qin Yii's mommy) for taking below photo.  Lynn also had difficulty to find her daughter and what she did was to shoot every corner of all kids.

Here is the photo:
Could you spot Shenny?
This was the first time mommy saw Shenny in graduation gawn.
The moment mommy saw her in this gawn, mommy's tear uncontrollably came down.  Mommy's heart was so heavy to think about time flew real fast, and my little baby had officially completed her 5 years education in the kindergarten.   And she would move on to another life journey in primary school.

Here is another photo of Shenny took with papa on her Graduation Concert day.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Sakura song

This is a recording of Shenny and her friend, Qi Xuan practicing for upcoming musikgarten concert.  Qi Xuan played the keyboard while Shenny sang the song. 

Thank you, teacher Kelly for giving Shenny opportunity to involve in her concert.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Graduation Welcome Speech and 1 Malaysia (Part 1)

Shenny and her two classmates (Josiah and Yong Kai Xiang) were
chosen to give Welcome Speech and to present One Malaysia drama at their Graduation Concert 2011.
And their principal, Alex Tan had diligently practice with them for a few weeks before the concert. Luckily, the three kids did not disappoint his effort in front of hundreds audiences.

Here is the speech they presented on that day:

Monday, October 3, 2011

Her Lyrics

This was a very very backdated post.  Mommy should have posted it 6 months ago.
Shenny wrote these two song lyrics totally based on her own understanding and she did it in a fun way.  She gave these to her music teacher.

Jumping Beans

This is Shenny's recent practice recorded by her piano teacher, Nicole.
Her teacher commented this song is for Gred 2.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Say Goodbye to Nanny Jennifer

Since mommy decided to go back to work on last April after two years of resting at home, Shenny had to go back to her normal daily routine - mommy drops her off at school around 8am and then pick her up in evening before 7.30pm.   

Recent year, her school had changed its daycare closing time from 7.30pm to 7pm.  It was impossible for either mommy or papa to rush from work to get her before 7pm.  Therefore, a nanny, Jennifer living nearby school compound was seek to come to assist.  Shenny called her as "Auntie Jennifer".  She would come to pick Shenny around 6pm.  Shenny would take shower and had a simple meal at her home while waiting for mommy and papa to come.

After five months of taking care of Shenny, auntie Jennifer decided to quit because she wanted to help her son in business instead. 

Shenny presented these two drawings to auntie Jennifer on her last day.  Auntie Jennifer was very surprised to see Shenny's drawing.  Before leaving, Shenny thank auntie Jennifer again and not forgetting to give her a big hug.  Mommy could see little tears lingering in nanny's eyes at that moment.

Now, Shenny has switched to new nanny, Chris.

Here are the drawings (quite plain because no time to do coloring):

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Her Music Teacher's Birthday

Teacher Nicole held a simple birthday celebration with all her kids in music centre two weeks ago.   And Shenny made a special drawing for her on that day too.

Here are few pictures taken on that day:
All kids were trying their best to blow the candle to see who can hit the "jackpot."
Oops, look like Shenny's birthday too..:)

Teacher Nicole and her hubby.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Why We Sing

A very backdated post.
This was one of songs presented in Heart & Soul Charity Concert.

Shenny picked up this song from her teacher Kelly before the concert.
Teacher Kelly sang one time to her and then papa found the similar song in youtube for her. Then, Shenny learnt to sing the song and tried to play the song by ear based on her own understanding immediately after the concert.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Ballet Test Result

Finally, we received Shenny's ballet's Pre-Primary assessment form.
She sat for the test in last May. You may click here to know more.

Pre-Primary in Dance (Class Award Assessment Form)

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Their Love Affair

Shenny and her cousin, Jie Hang
Today, Shenny had her cousin, Jie Hang (2 year older than her) accompany us for dinner.
Over the dinner, these two fellows talked about their love affair.

Here were roughly the content of their conversation:

Shenny began with this: "Now, I have two boy friends to choose, don't know who to choose."
Cousin (tried to tease): "Not sure the boy really like you."
Mommy: "Shenny told us the boy had admitted Shenny as his girl friend in school, even their teacher know about it." Cousin laughed.
Mommy: "I thought you also have a girl friend. What is her name?" Cousin laughed again.
Cousin:"You don't know?"
Mommy:"Ah Yi is old.. can't remember well. Tell us."
Cousin:"X X X (the girl's name). I chased her since I was 5 year old. I find it hard (我追得很辛苦. She never says she likes me. I am not sure whether she likes me."
Shenny quickly add: "I also begin to have boy friend at 5 year old."

Gosh...mommy and papa laughed and shaked our head, don't know what to say now.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Obedience Dragon

Few years ago, Shenny verbally told her imaginative story by looking at a white cardboard when she was 3 year 10 month old (please click here to view.)
But recently, she was able to write down her imagination story on a piece of paper.

Shenny was concentrating write her story.
Let's see what she wrote in her story.

Please click to enlarge the picture.
In this story, she only asked mommy and papa for the spelling of one word 'magnificent', rest of words she wrote herself.
Then, mommy checked with her, why she knew spelling of 'obedience' (which is kind of big word to mommy', she said she learnt that from her headmaster in school.

Here comes Shenny retell her story.  

(p.s. Shenny tried to hide reverse side of paper which she thought was not nice)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

L'Heure Musicale

Shenny, papa and mommy were invited by teacher Kelly (Shenny's 1st music teacher) to attend a classical concert L'Heure Musicale (means The Time Music) at Alliance Francaise De Kuala Lumpur on 27th August 2011, which teacher Kelly organized.  It was a truly international evening as audiences are Malaysian, French, The Netherlands, Hong Kong and Japan.
This concert was very special because the performers were all teacher Kelly's teachers; Mr Joseph Leow as tenor, Mr. Fairuz as pianist, Dr. Takahisa Ota as flautist and Mr. Stanley Chin (Shenny's 2nd music teacher (Nicole)'s hubby) as guitarist. Songs presented were mixture of french and english songs.  All were so heart-capturing, refreshing and relaxing.

It was an eye-opener for Shenny.  As she could see tenor sang accompanied by various musical intruments separately.
Teacher Kelly also asked four students of hers (3 girls &1 boy, included Shenny) to present flowers to performers.  Shenny was chosen to carry flower for Stanley. 
Shenny jokingly told mommy that teacher Nicole told her ..."Teacher Stanley should carry me, instead of carry flower".

We truly enjoyed the whole concert.  Thanks for teacher Kelly inviting us.

Here is the last song (Bird Songs at Eventide - Eric Coates (1886-1957) presented in the concert recorded by papa:

Shenny on stage presented flowers.
Shenny with Mr. Joseph (tenor)

Teacher Kelly and Mr. Joseph

Friday, August 19, 2011

Adeline's Villa

This is another very backdated post too.

Few months ago, Shenny and mommy joint papa department's trip to stay overnight at Adeline's Villa in Gopeng, Perak. Shenny was excited when papa told her that she would have chance to do jungle tracking and to dip in waterfall.

On that day, we woke up very early because we need to meet up papa's other colleagues in Rawang around 8.30am. And then, we would depart together. We need to reach our destination before 12.30pm because our lunch would be served at 12.30pm by the villa's owner, Adeline.

Shenny liked this 2day1night trip because there were more than 20 of papa's colleagues to play with her.  All of them were very nice to her and she could mingle well with them too.

Welcome to Adeline's Villa.
Papa's colleagues queue to get food.
We were arranged to stay in this little cottage,
only 3 of us.

Shenny walked up to check where papa's colleagues stay.
Papa's colleagues stayed in these two cottages
, each accommodated about 12 persons. 

Shenny was invited to bounce on bed.

The waterfall we visited.
Cooling herself at waterfall.

The little girl (papa's colleague's daughter) kept on asking Shenny to accompany her to play sea-saw till Shenny felt very tired and boring liao..

Shenny helped to prepare game

Shenny and papa took part in a game.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beach Fun With Papa

This was a very backdated post.

We went to Port Dickson few months ago.

The weather was quite hot when we went to a beach.  Both Shenny and papa spent nearly 2 hours (10am-12pm) to have fun on beach while mommy took shade under a tree and helped them to take photo from afar.   Also, took this opportunity to try out our newly bought camera.  The new camera was very good, mommy could zoom in from afar and still able to take their photos clearly.

How did they spend their time on beach?

First, they went for a dip at sea water.

Then, they worked together to build a sand castle.

Tada....their mission completed.....

Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Sorry Card

Shenny wrote this 'Sorry Card' for her best friend, Leanne.

Shenny had a little clash with Leanne in school two days ago.
After mommy's advice, she decided to forgive her friend. 
From her personality, she wants to make up and say sorry and come out with this kind of sorry card.

After she gave the card to her friend, her friend gave her back some stickers and they are best friend again.
Mommy found this was quite funny and yet touching for children at this age.  Ha..don't you think so?

Monday, August 1, 2011

Heart & Soul Charity Concert 2011

Shenny, papa and mommy were invited to attend Heart & Soul Charity Concert 2011 by her 1st music teacher, Kelly.  She is a member of the Choir of the Philharmonic Society of Selangor. 
In the heart & soul's leaflet, it said...the concert will tug at our heart strings and uplift our soul, with its toe-tapping, head bouncing, smile inducing musical line-up featuring favourites from the Bee Gees, Beatles, Michael Jackson and Enya.
As teacher Kelly would be performed in the concert plus it was for charity, as a sign to support both, papa and mommy decided to bring Shenny to watch the concert on 23 July 2011.

The concert was held in Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Centre(KLPAC).
Both papa and mommy decided to have dinner at the japanese restaurant (next to a lake) opposite KLPAC building before concert began.
The restaurant not only serves japanese food, it also serves western and asian food.  After trying the food, mommy would not give a big 'hoo-haa' about the food served. Papa thought the food is quite pricey due to its location and beautiful scenary.  Definitely, we love the restaurant's surroundings.
We ordered one japanese bento set, fried meehoon and fried thai rice.

Shenny happily posed in her beautiful pinky princess dress
Shenny really enjoyed the concert, mommy could see her move her head and body gracefully following music rhythm.  She even sang some of songs softly.

After the concert, Shenny could not wait to meet teacher Kelly to show her pink dress.

Shenny posed with her beautiful teacher Kelly.

Here are a list of some songs performed in the concert:

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother (By The Hollies)

Bee Gees - Stayin' Alive (medley)

Beatles in Revue (medley)

We Are the World (Michael Jackson)

May It Be - Cheryl's Journey with the Phil

One Voice from Barry Manilow

You Are So Beautiful & Wind Beneath My Wings

Thank You For The Music & Dancing Queen

Thursday, July 21, 2011

On HER 6th birthday

This is backdated post.
Mommy and papa decided to have a very simple birthday celebration on Shenny's actual birthday.  Shenny was given a chance to choose her own birthday cake at a bakery nearby.

Shenny at 3 year old
Shenny at 6 year old

*** Do you see any similarity?

Actually, Shenny had already had her birthday celebration few days earlier before her actual birthday. This time, it was bigger one compared to last year. 
Since her party was held in KFC, mommy and papa allowed Shenny to invite 15 friends this time.  As some of her friends brought along their brothers and sisters, so the total of children came to party was 20 persons.  And, Shenny also invited her two lovely music teachers. 
In fact, mommy was a bit panic as this was the first time mommy learn to handle such a big crowd (>40 persons).  Luckily, the whole party events went smoothly as plan. 

Shenny happily greeted her piano teacher to her party.

Shenny was very excited to receive so many presents for the first time. Everything in the picture (except the old keyboard) were her birthday present, includes piano and beautiful pinky satin dress (given by her 1st music teacher, Kelly) (below).

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