Thursday, November 19, 2009

Graduation & Concert 2009

Shenny's kindergarten had their annual graduation & concert on 12th November 2009. And Shenny had the chance to dance in the concert too.

Her class teachers (Teacher Ninie & Teacher Thevika) had those children who took part in the concert to practice dancing almost every day for 2 weeks in the school before the concert. Also, advised children to practice themselves at home over weekends with the given CD loaded with song. Shenny's class would perform Dragostea Din Tel. Shenny was very excited about the event and looked forward it to come soon.

Shenny and her friends were not afraid at all on stage. I would say all of them perform very well. This had proved that their teachers were serious and had really put effort to train them.

Shenny posted her dancing dress.

Shenny and her classmates waiting at backstage before their performance.

Dance 1:

Shenny smiled a lot throughout the performance. Mommy reckons Shenny was very happy that she was able to dance on stage finally.

Dance 2:

Mommy only found out Shenny had a 2nd dance performance when saw her appear on stage again, but luckily still able to record bits of her dancing for her remembrance.

During the concert, school also given out awards for some outstanding performance students. Ha...both Shenny and her cousin, Jie Hang are among of them too.

Shenny won the Best English Reader for her 4 year old class.
Jie Hang won the Best Chinese Reader for his 5 year old class.

Monday, November 9, 2009


Shenny finally can wear ear-ring lor.

Actually, mommy had decided to bring Shenny to have her ear-pierce on one of Guan Ying's birthday (19 Sept in Chinese Calendar = 5 Nov in normal calendar). It was believed whoever did ear-pierce on the Guan Ying's birthday, would bring good luck. Mommy knew this is kind of superstitious. Anyway, no harm to believe this. :D

Before that, mommy had to convince Shenny first. Below were some conversations that mommy could remember.
Mommy: "Mommy wants to bring Shenny for ear-pierce."
Shenny: "What is it ear-pierce?"
Mommy: "It means to make a hole at your ears, then you can wear ear-rings."
Shenny: "Is it pain?"
Mommy: "Yes, it will just like mommy pinch you. Mosquito bite."
(Then mommy pinched Shenny on her arm)
Shenny: "Awww..."
Mommy: "Is it pain?"
Shenny: "Yes, a bit."
(Mommy was afraid Shenny will refuse to go for ear-pierce)
Mommy: "E-Win (her little cousin who is 1 year younger than her) also has ear-pierce. She's no scared at all. Shenny is big girl, you should be more brave than her".
Shenny: "Yes, I am big girl."
Mommy: "You wear ear-rings, no one can say you are boy anymore."
Shenny smiled.
However, papa didn't agree with mommy's idea, still...:).

On that day, mommy brought Shenny to one of the goldsmith shop to pierce her ear. Shenny still showed a bit hesitate but mommy kept on telling her about her cousin E-Win. Mommy guessed there was some egoistic in her, then she didn't reject at all.

Ha...on the spot, Shenny smiled when one of goldsmith staff making marks on her ears and she looked in the mirror happily. Then, two goldsmith staffs stood at each side of her, and immediately shot at her ears at the same time. Shenny was shocked when this happen and mommy could see a bit of tears lingering at her eyes. Mommy quickly comforted her by saying "Wow, Shenny is so brave. You are beautiful with ear-rings now." And brought her to look at herself at mirror. Shenny didn't smile also.
Afterwards, Shenny told me in fact, ear-pierce was really pain, she did cry a bit. Still, mommy reassured her that mommy was so proud of her.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Gift to class teacher (Part 1)

Yesterday,Shenny took out a piece of paper and began to do drawing after dinner.

Mommy: "Why are you so busy?".
Shenny: "I want to draw something for Teacher Ninie".
Mommy:"Does your teacher ask you to do this?".
Shenny:"No, I just want to give her. I like her so much".

Here is the picture Shenny have come out.

Mommy: "Wow, your butterfly is so beautiful. Mommy feels so proud of you. Why do you draw butterfly for your teacher".
Shenny: "Because I like butterfly".

Then, mommy asked her to keep in her homework pouch, so that tommorow she can remember to give it to her teacher.
But, when she came back from school, mommy asked her whether her teacher like the drawing. She told me she doesn't want to give her yet, will give her next week.
Hopefully, Shenny will remember this next week.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Keyboard Lessons Update (1)

Shenny goes to have her first keyboard lesson through Musikgarten Programme in November. She looks forward to have a keyboard at home. When she told her wish to papa, papa just said nothing.

When mommy told Shenny that papa has agreed to purchase her a new keyboard after many many days of thinking hard, Shenny was so excited.

Now, Shenny can play keyboard anytime whenever she wants at home. She just walks to keyboard and press a few times whenever she feels bored doing homework, playing toys or watching her cartoon. She even can play keyboard when she is passing stool. Many people might wonder how she do it. Actually, she just sits and drags her potty next to keyboard, and then presses on keyboard. If papa is around, papa would just ask her to sing "poo poo number one to come out, poo poo number two to come..." and so on.

Attached are three short clips Shenny plays simple song..

(Shenny plays a song without singing)

(Shenny plays and sings "Mouse, Mousie" song.)

(Shenny plays and sings "Listen for Bells" after keyboard class.)

Mommy and papa hope Shenny will enjoy her keyboard lesson.

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