Monday, January 31, 2011

CNY Crafty Work

As usual, Shenny would make some arts and craft related to CNY at her kindy and art's class before CNY.

At art class, Shenny made a big Ang Pow pocket and a pink lantern.

Her art teacher gave her a ready cut red paper and teach her how to fold and glue it to make a big pocket.
Then, she could draw, colour and decorate the pocket as she likes.

She wanted this for our family only.

At home, her papa suggested Shenny to make one big Ang Pow pocket for her grandmother and grandfather since we would celebrate CNY there. Shenny agreed with papa's suggestion.

Luckily, mommy had some red paper at home, so Shenny happily drew, cut and glue to make the Ang Pow pocket.

As for the chinese writing, Shenny was not so good at it. She asked mommy wrote on a piece of paper and she followed the strokes.

Shenny said "This big Ang Pow pocket is for grandmother's whole family".
Therefore she drew lots of people including a baby (her little cousin, Calvin).
Both her grandmother (in pink dress) and grandfather stood right in front.

As the art work from  her kindy, her teacher gave all children two ready made CNY cards, and had them to do a bit of coloring, sticking and writing on the cards themselves. 

Mommy thought this is too simple for 6 year old children and much less creative compare to her enrichment art class.

Wishing all a Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year !!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Gong Xi Gong Xi 恭喜恭喜

Shenny plays a simple Chinese New Year song for everyone.

Wishing everyone Happy Chinese New Year. May joy, good health and happiness be with you all the time.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Drawings (5)

It had been awhile mommy did not log Shenny's drawings in her blog.

This time mommy would like to post some of Shenny's drawings for birthday, X'mas and Chinese New Year.


Since Josiah is a boy, Shenny did not write "I Love You" in the card because she felt embarrased to do it.  Instead, she drew a heart shape. 
Josiah was there to fight with Ben10 monster.
Six candles.means her friend turned to 6th year old.

Six balloons flying means her friend has turned to 6th year old.
Leanne was dancing in the picture.

All girls play balloon together. 

Chinese New Year:

This is for her grandmother in Holland. 
The drawing is done at reverse side of the greeting card.
Since the coming year is rabbit year, so Shenny drew two big rabbits there.

This is for her music teacher, Kelly.
Santa was in a sleigh, pulled by three colourful reindeers, flying across the sky.
Teacher Kelly was there singing.
Santa dropped a present into chimney for her teacher. 
The house was a rainbow house.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Make Cookies

Backdated post.

Mommy got to know about this Horlicks Doggie Cookie through Chloe's blog.  After checking the actual recipe , it seems to make this cookie quite easy and fun. 
Since Shenny kept on complaining that her school holiday was very bored, therefore mommy decided to occupy her time by making this cookie.  And she loved it.
Actually, this was the first time mommy make cookie at home.  Since we did not have any mixer at home, mommy had to mix ingredients by hand,that included cream butter and make dough.  Ha..mommy really felt hand soar to cream the butter.  Shenny was there observing mommy doing everything and kept on asking "Can I try?".

Shenny was centrating to decorate the doggie face.

Shenny felt it was fun to decorate doggie faces with coco crunch, chocolate chips and chocolate rices.
At first, mommy let her decorate doggies ears, eyes and noses. Shenny was ok to decorate doggies eyes and noses, but she pressed too hard when decorate doggies ears, that ended up doggies faces became crooked.  See picture below: 

The decorated doggie cookies were crooked due to Shenny press hard to decorate doggie ears with coco crunch.  So mommy later decided Shenny to decorate eyes and noses will do.

Tada...the finished product ready to go into oven.

We managed to make 42 pieces.  Shenny loved to eat the Horlicks Doggie Cookie.  It was not too sweet and has some butter flavour.
Since it was a bit heaty after eating it, mommy had to control Shenny to take one or two each day only. 
Shenny also shared some cookies with her aunt, cousins and her music teacher.

Monday, January 10, 2011

A New "Shenny"

Shenny had a hair-cut before new year (2011) began.  This was the 2nd time Shenny had her hair-cut in the same saloon.  Her last visit was three years ago.

Why does Shenny need to have hair short? 
The reason is that Shenny had a very fine (baby hair) and natural curl hair, and it creates lots of knots after shower.  Mommy finds it is difficult to comb. 
Also, her hair needs to be tied up, in order to look neat.  Shenny used to like to call herself as "Wild lion" when her hair is not tied.
Papa was a bit reluctant to reconcile with mommy's intention.  He wants his princess to keep long hair, so that she will look more feminine.  
Too bad, mommy still brought Shenny to saloon when papa was at work.  *evil mommy*

Before hair-cut:

The new look of Shenny in short hair:

Don't you think Shenny look gorgeous with her new look?

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