Monday, January 28, 2013

Her Dolls

This is a backdated post.

Shenny still loves to play with her dolls.  Her dolls collection (big and small) were mostly given by her friends and teachers.  She called those small dolls as little children and big dolls as adult.

Shenny complains to mommy many times that she never has spare time to play with her barbie dolls nowadays.  The reason is that her time is filled up with other activities for eg. school homework, tuition and piano practicing.
However, Shenny immediately grabbed the chances to play with her dolls few weeks ago when mommy was not around.  And, she was caught red handed for playing with her dolls when mommy was back.  Then, she quickly explained to mommy that she had finished all the things that mommy asked her to do, therefore she thought that she would be allowed to play.  Viewing that she was really into the mood to play with her dolls, mommy allowed her to continue.

Below are a few shots of Shenny with her dolls:

Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Happy New Year Note to Tooth Fairy

Shenny happily wrote a note to Tooth Fairy immediately after mommy extracted one of her front wobbly tooth.
Mommy: What did you write to Tooth Fairy?
Shenny: Happy New Year
Mommy (was curious): Why did you write that?
Shenny: Because it is new year. I know Tooth Fairy will give me coin

A Thank You and Greeting note to Tooth Fairy

A reply from Tooth Fairy

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