Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Funny Chat (Part 4)

Chat 1

Mommy wanted Shenny to keep her story book but she didn't want to.  Here were our conversation:

Mommy: "Can you keep your story book into bookshelf?"
Shenny: "I read it in my heart."
Mommy: "So..."
Shenny: "I didn't take the book out."
Mommy: "If it is not you, who else."
Shenny: "I don't know."

Papa overheard our conversation and burst into laugh when heard Shenny's excuses.

Chat 2

Shenny attended her school game day.  Her classmate, Timothy introduced Shenny to his mommy.  And his mommy told Timothy's elder brother about Shenny.  His brother smiled and replied "Oh good, Shenny."
Timothy's mother then told mommy that Timothy had mentioned many times about Shenny at home.  She thought Timothy likes Shenny.

During dinner time, mommy mentioned this to Shenny again.  Shenny replied proudly: "Because my hair is soft and my face is cute. That's why he likes me."  Then, she added "Timothy always touches my hair at school." Oo...

Shenny and Timothy

Chat 3

Two days ago, mommy suddenly remembered about not making pau for a while.  Therefore, mommy told Shenny this: "It's a long time mommy forgot to make pau."
Shenny immediately replied: "It's ok.  I never like to eat pau."

Aaiii, mommy's desire to make pau instantly vanish. :(

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Self Discovery

Back dated post.

These are some songs Shenny found out to play on the keyboard herself.  Not sure whether the keys she used were correct or not.
Mommy had kept the recordings for sometime, now would like to keep a log in her blog.

God is so good

Mary had a little lamb

Little Bee 小蜜蜂

Are you sleeping

Old McDonald

Happy Birthday

Little Girl 小小姑娘  (Shenny said this song has the same rhyme with the "Bangun Pagi" song.)

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