Thursday, May 6, 2010

New School Bag

Shenny was extremely happy to carry her new school beg to school on last Monday morning. 

Mommy had been planning to buy a new school bag for her, but kept on forgetting.  And last Saturday, it happened that we went to Jalan Petaling (China town in Kuala Lumpur) and saw some begs, then mommy remembered to buy for her.

In fact, the old school beg was a present from her 小阿姨 (mommy's youngest sister) two years ago.  It was quite small and suitable for 4 year old schooling.  Now, her old school beg was quite old, a bit torn and dirty, that is why both papa and mommy agree to get her a new school beg. 

When we were in the shop, Shenny was eyeing on those bags with printed Sleeping Beauty, The Little Mermaid, Snow White and Cinderella but these begs are a bit bigger.  suitable for primary school. Both papa and mommy recommended Shenny to choose school beg printed with Dora the Explorer, and explained to her why that is better for her age. She accepted our advice and said "Ok, I like Dora a little bit".

Note: The different between "Old" and "New" school bag. 
Shenny got more and more excited with her new school bag. She asked mommy today.
Shenny: "Do you know my most favourite thing?"
Mommy: "I don't know."
Shenny: "Dora my school bag. I love it so much."
Mommy: "Not barbie doll anymore, so I can give it away."
Shenny: "No, I still like barbie, but like Dora more now."


Mummy Gwen said...

Oh..she likes Dora cute. The bag is very nice. Quite big huh.

MK mummy said...

mm.. forgot to go to Petaling Street to get some bargain last time. have to remember to go there next year.. Dora bag, nice choice!

Sasha said...

oh yeah.. as they grow older the bag also grow bigger and bigger cos gotto carry big books

Little Kit Boy said...

the pinkish Dora school bag looks very nice and sweet on Shenny. no wonder she likes it so much.

Charmaine said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. My youngest, Caitlin loves Dora too. Petaling St is good for things like this. I bought some too, when I was in KL last October. It's a pity over here, kids have to take special bags with the school logos imprinted.

prince n princess mum said...

Nice dora bag! :)

Alice Phua said...

Hahaha.....good to know that eventually she likes the Dora bag more and more each day! :-D

Alice Law said...

Shenny looks so cool cliging her school bag!

My girl prefers Thomas the steam engine, Ben10, Woody and Buzz of Toy story over the girlie princesess...T-T

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