Monday, May 17, 2010

Funny Chat (Part 2)

Chat 1

Mommy never forget to ask Shenny whether she had done her "big business" (pass motion) after picking her up from her kindergarten.  She will answer that she had done it in school.  This had gone on for quite sometimes and mommy never doubt with her reply until last week.  Mommy suddenly felt Shenny might have lied to mommy, how could she pass motion every day in school.  Then, mommy decided to further interogate her. 

Below were roughly one of our normal conversation almost every day:

Mommy: Did you poo-poo today?
Shenny: Yes.
Mommy:How many piece did you poo?
Shenny:One piece
Mommy:Which teacher see you poo-poo?
Shenny:Teacher Selene.
Mommy:Ok, tomorrow mommy will check with teacher Selene.
(Shenny was a bit surprise when mommy told her this)
Shenny: Can you still remember tomorrow morning?
(Shenny knew mommy was a forgetful type, so she asked this to check.)
Mommy:Of course, I will remember.  Are you sure Teacher Selene see you poo-poo?
Shenny (change her mind): No, I didn't poo-poo today.
(If Shenny really poo-poo in school, she will firm with her answer)

Nowadays, mommy knows how to question Shenny on any matter, by asking her "Who see it?", "When do you do it?" and "Why?".  She sure finally gives up and tells mommy honestly. 

Chat 2

While papa and mommy watched Nanny 911, Shenny played on her own and then papa caught sight Shenny walk on her knee. Papa quickly stopped her.

Papa:Shenny, don't walk on your knee while wearing your pajama.
(Shenny stopped and looked at papa.)
Papa:What happen if you mop the floor with cloth, where does dirt go?
Papa:Now, you walked on your knee while wearing your pajama, where does dirt go?

After saying that, she laughed and both papa and mama rolled our eyes.


MK mummy said...

hahaha... funny.. sometimes, they come out with the weirdest answer to our question...

mNhL said...

hahaha.....she is funny. Kids can come out with lots of surprising answers.

Ling That's Me said...

I love kids' innocent answers! they make us laugh sometimes when we are having the worst moods, don't you agree? =)

Alice Law said...

LOL... I have encountered the same situation as Chat 1! I used to ask Juan Juan what did she have at school whenever I walked her back from her montessori, she will definitely answer "bread" and "Milo". So one day, coincidentally an aunty told me her granddaughter had FRIED RICE at school... when I turned to Juan Juan, she took a deep breath and replied, "Didn't the aunty just told you?" LOL... it seems kids get bored when we repeated the same question too often and ended up they simply make up an answer for us!>_<"

Love Shenny's ingenious conversation! Have a nice day to you!

prince n princess mum said...

haha! Funny!

Mommy to Chumsy said...

hahhaaaaha....Shenny is a funny girl :D you know what? only mothers can become rather obsessed with poo poo eh?

MK mummy said...

I am not sure how long those cookies can last without getting too soft, because 60 pieces cookies were finished within 3 days. Anyway, you can use half the recipe, and keep the dough in the freezer and use it when you are in the mood to bake.

Mummy Gwen said...

Shenny is a funny girl lah..haha. I'm also very concern whether Gwen poo-ed at school or not. So far she didn't do her big business at school.

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