Monday, November 9, 2009


Shenny finally can wear ear-ring lor.

Actually, mommy had decided to bring Shenny to have her ear-pierce on one of Guan Ying's birthday (19 Sept in Chinese Calendar = 5 Nov in normal calendar). It was believed whoever did ear-pierce on the Guan Ying's birthday, would bring good luck. Mommy knew this is kind of superstitious. Anyway, no harm to believe this. :D

Before that, mommy had to convince Shenny first. Below were some conversations that mommy could remember.
Mommy: "Mommy wants to bring Shenny for ear-pierce."
Shenny: "What is it ear-pierce?"
Mommy: "It means to make a hole at your ears, then you can wear ear-rings."
Shenny: "Is it pain?"
Mommy: "Yes, it will just like mommy pinch you. Mosquito bite."
(Then mommy pinched Shenny on her arm)
Shenny: "Awww..."
Mommy: "Is it pain?"
Shenny: "Yes, a bit."
(Mommy was afraid Shenny will refuse to go for ear-pierce)
Mommy: "E-Win (her little cousin who is 1 year younger than her) also has ear-pierce. She's no scared at all. Shenny is big girl, you should be more brave than her".
Shenny: "Yes, I am big girl."
Mommy: "You wear ear-rings, no one can say you are boy anymore."
Shenny smiled.
However, papa didn't agree with mommy's idea, still...:).

On that day, mommy brought Shenny to one of the goldsmith shop to pierce her ear. Shenny still showed a bit hesitate but mommy kept on telling her about her cousin E-Win. Mommy guessed there was some egoistic in her, then she didn't reject at all.

Ha...on the spot, Shenny smiled when one of goldsmith staff making marks on her ears and she looked in the mirror happily. Then, two goldsmith staffs stood at each side of her, and immediately shot at her ears at the same time. Shenny was shocked when this happen and mommy could see a bit of tears lingering at her eyes. Mommy quickly comforted her by saying "Wow, Shenny is so brave. You are beautiful with ear-rings now." And brought her to look at herself at mirror. Shenny didn't smile also.
Afterwards, Shenny told me in fact, ear-pierce was really pain, she did cry a bit. Still, mommy reassured her that mommy was so proud of her.


Health Freak Mommy said...

I know my 2 gals will surely chicken out and run away haha!

little prince's mummy said...

Wow! Can wear nice nice earings now.. :)

Sheoh Yan said...

Very lovely star shape earrings. Thanks for sharing this.

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