Sunday, November 20, 2011

Graduation and Last Day at School (Part 2)

Finally, Shenny brought back her graduation and class photo on her last day at school.  This also means Shenny had officially completed her 5 years school life in GCC. 

The day before farewell, Shenny used paintbrush tools to make a farewell card template, and then printed it out. There were total of seven teachers Shenny would like to give the card.  To make it special and unique for each teacher, Shenny wrote her personal message on each card. 

Below is the farewell card template:
She drew the card by herself except her face (which was helped by her papa).
In the card, Shenny wore GCC uniform and bid farewell.
Below was one of actual farewell cards, Shenny gave to her teacher.
Shenny wrote a personal message to her class teacher, Garren, who is the only one speak mandarin to her in school.
On her last day in school, mommy was told all kids cried to bid farewell to their teachers, that their crying sound could be heard at another floor.  Kids hug each other and their teachers before they left school.
Shenny told mommy that she felt so sad when her class teacher, Garren spoke to her.  Her heart was heavy and sour.

Below is Shenny's graduation portrait and her class members:

Class photo
Among hundreds of graduates stood on stage, mommy and papa were having difficulty to find Shenny, luckily she kept on stare at us and and not forget to wave her hand, and we immediately spot her.

Thanks Lynn (Qin Yii's mommy) for taking below photo.  Lynn also had difficulty to find her daughter and what she did was to shoot every corner of all kids.

Here is the photo:
Could you spot Shenny?
This was the first time mommy saw Shenny in graduation gawn.
The moment mommy saw her in this gawn, mommy's tear uncontrollably came down.  Mommy's heart was so heavy to think about time flew real fast, and my little baby had officially completed her 5 years education in the kindergarten.   And she would move on to another life journey in primary school.

Here is another photo of Shenny took with papa on her Graduation Concert day.


Chew Lee said...

Yay!! Std 1 in 6 weeks time ...

Shenny's graduation picture looks good.

MeRy said...

Time flies so fast....Hope Shenny will enjoy her primary school life next year.

Hayley said...

Graduated already! Nice~

Alice Law said...

Congratz Shenny, she looks great with Mortar board. I can actually visualize in another 15 years she might wearing the same outfit and make u proud!

Small Kucing said...

Congratulations! You look great!

ChloeRuoyi said...

Awww.. it sure feels sad to say goodbye to friends and teachers whom they have spent so many happy years together. I'm sure Shenny will meet many more nice new friends and teachers when she goes to Primary school!

Sheoh Yan said...

Shenny is a bright girl, she sure can adapt well in big primary school. All the best to Shenny.

Mummy Gwen said...

I can spot Shenny in the picture. She was looking at the camera. :) Congrats Shenny! I got emo too reading this. I think I will tear up when Gwen graduates from kindy next year.

anney said...

I was having a hard time spotting Shenny in the graduation picture. lol! Anyway, Congrats Shenny! I love the farewell card! You draw beautifully!

prince n princess mum said...

Happy graduation..

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