Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Funny Chat (Part 5)

Chat 1

Mommy was wondering what Shenny do inside bedroom.  Then called her from kitchen.
Mommy: "Shenny, can you come out from bedroom?  You can read the story book you borrow from school."
Shenny: "I am busy arranging my bookshelf.  I can not do anything because I only have two hands."

Ooo...both papa and mommy laughed to hear her reaction.

Chat 2

Sometime, Shenny just loves to eat without stopping if food matches her appetite. 
One day, mommy teased her.

Mommy: "Shenny, if you can not stop eating, you will be fatty boom boom like Zhii Zhii jie jie (her cousin)."
Shenny: "No, Zhii Zhii jie jie is not fat.  She is just plum."

Chat 3

Nowadays, whenever mommy gives Shenny kiss on her cheek.  She will quickly touch her cheek and make a motion to touch on her chest. 
Then, she said: "I keep mommy's kiss in my heart".

** She does the same for her papa.

Chat 4

Papa wanted Shenny to make one drawing each day that to compile as a book to give away to his mother (Shenny's grandma).  Therefore, papa would check with Shenny everytime when he came back from work.  Sometimes, Shenny did and sometimes she forgot.

One day, papa had this conversation with Shenny when Shenny complained that she did not have much money in her piggy bank.

Papa: "Does papa need to pay you to make a drawing?"
Shenny: (she laughed) "Yes"

Then, mommy asked Shenny.

Mommy: "Who pay for your food?"
Shenny: *** (didn't reply)
Mommy: "Papa right!  Do you need to pay papa for your food every day?"
Shenny: (surprisingly she said) "I help papa to eat the food.  Papa needs to pay me.  hahaha..."

** Both mommy and papa were speechless.


Alice Law said...

Chat 3 is touching and heart warming, while chat 4 is simply ingenious, that's a very creative answer!^-^

Have a wonderful day!

ChloeRuoyi said...

I just love to read Shenny's funny chats. She's very cute and witty :)

Mummy Gwen said...

I enjoy reading her funny chat. :) She is a smart girl.

smallkucing said...

#3 really make my heart goes woozzy

anney said...

Sweet girl and very funny!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

Funny conversation.

Sometimes I said the same thing to Sarah when I am busy.."I only have two hands."

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