Saturday, March 10, 2012

Her 2011 Christmas Presents

This is a very backdated post.

During our last year visit to The Netherlands, Shenny had received few Christmas presents from her grandmother, uncle (Shuk Shuk) and aunties.

Below are the presents she got:

This is the present from her grandma: A little smurf house and some accessories.
Her youngest uncle (shuk shuk) bought her a simple robot hamster which can move forward or backward when hit things, talk and sleep when it is tired.  Shenny immediately pronounced her dream had come true as she finally got a pet.  She didn't mind her pet is a robot.
Her eldest aunty (papa's sister) gave her a full tea-set with Hello Kitty printed on it.  She was glad that she could use this to serve her children (her soft toys) in proper ways.

Aunty Yee Wah (papa's cousin) had bought her a set of DIY jewellery box. 

Aunty Yee Ping (papa's cousin) had bought her a DIY jewellery tree.
Shenny loves to do art & craft, she was looking forward to make her hand dirty to complete the above mission, so that she could keep her jewelleries.
Regrettly to say that, the above mission is just completed by 50% only. 


ChloeRuoyi said...

So many nice gifts! I especially love the Smurfs Mega Bloks and regret not buying it when I saw it in Jusco a couple of months ago... sigh!

Little Kit Boy said...

Wah so many nice gifts.

anney said...

I'm sure she was very happy receiving those lovely gifts!

Zoe said...

She is a lucky girl, blessed with so many gifts.

Sheoh Yan said...

All are very wonderful gifts fro Shenny. School break is here, she sure has time to complete it.

Chew Lee said...

nice presents she got there ... I like the jewellery tree ...

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