Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Tooth Fairy Magic

Shenny had a wobbly front tooth for few weeks already.  This was her third time experience wobbly tooth.

Mommy decided to extract her tooth on last Sunday night.  Shenny was happy because she get to eat ice-cream  after extracting her tooth.   However, mommy was careless and had accidentally thrown away her tooth into toilet bowl.
At first, Shenny was very sad as she could not show her tooth to tooth fairy.  Then, papa suggested her to write a letter to tooth fairy.  She then placed her letter under her pillow.
To her surprise, she had a reply from tooth fairy on next morning.

This is the letter Shenny written to Tooth Fairy:

Shenny found a letter and a coin from tooth fairy under her pillow the next morning:

She had written down the whole incident about her experience with tooth fairy in her diary. And she named it as "Tooth Fairy Magic".  She would like to share it in her blog:

The content of her diary is like this:
"Today, I have drop my teeth, but my mother had throw away my tooth in the toilet bowl in accident but as you know the tooth fairy had already know that my teeth had already drop but I still send a letter to her.  The tooth fairy of course then in the morning I found a letter under my pillow and it is from the tooth fairy. Do you know what does it says.  It says:
Dear Shenny, I have found your teeth.  Thanks for the letter.  From T. F. and that what it says.
The End"


Mommy to Chumsy said...

awww..this is so cute. i'm glad that toothfairy found her tooth..heheheheh *wink*

Chew Lee said...

so cute!!!

My girl's tooth just started to shake ...

Ben and Shaun said...

Well written. Such a sweet girl.

Small Kucing said...

wow..that is great...next tooth Mommy will have to be careful ya...dont drop into the toilet bowl anymore

Sheoh Yan said...

Hahahaha! So cute. My girls too believe in tooth fairy. I put Rm1 note in a red packet, then slipped under their pillows while they were aslept.

Little Kit Boy said...

so cute. but can anyone tell me who is Tooth Fairy?

anney said...

Such a cute story! hehehe! I love that the tooth fairy used a tooth shaped paper to write to Shenny!

prince n princess mum said...

send letter somemore.. :) so cute!

Hayley said...

Hehe, Shenny's letter is so... cute!

Zoe said...

This is so cute! My son believe in tooth fairy too!

Sarah's Daddy and Mommy said...

I am blur with tooth fairy story too. Perhaps I shld google search to find more info about her.

Shenny can write pretty well.

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