Thursday, June 17, 2010

Funny Chat (Part 3)

Chat 1

Shenny's aunty gave Shenny a piece of cake when mommy visited her.  Mommy told Shenny about this after picking up her from kindy. 
Shenny replied: "Oh,  表姨 gives me cake". 
Mommy was surprised to hear this, mommy asked:"What do you mean 表姨"?
Shenny explained: "Hang Hang 哥哥 is my cousin.  Cousin is 表哥, so 阿姨 is my cousin's mother. I called her 表姨."
** ha...quite a reasonable explanation**

Chat 2

Shenny sometimes eats very slowly especially when she eats and watches her favourite tv programme at sametime.
One day, mommy asked Shenny to eat egg tart faster.
Mommy: "Why you eat so slow?"
Shenny: "Because I need to chew mah.  You thought people don't need to chew meh."
**rolled eyes**

Chat 3

Shenny ate her lunch at her grandmother's house in one afternoon. After eating for a while, she told mommy this.

Shenny: "Mommy, I've burbed already.  I can't eat anymore, I am full now."
(since there is only a bit left on plate, so mommy agreed that.)
Mommy: "Ok"
When mommy was busy washing dishes at sink, mommy suddenly saw Shenny open the fridge and took out mini-corn ice-cream. She took them out and began sharing with her cousins.
Mommy quickly said: "I thought you are full already, still can eat ice-cream?"
Shenny sheepishly smile and said: "Ice-cream is water right? It still can go into my tommy."
**it seems true, so mommy didn't say anything.**

Chat 4

This is about Shenny offering her milk for her cousin.

Shenny: "Emily jie jie, would you want to try my milk?"
Emily: "No"
Mommy overheard that and said: "Do you think Emily jie jie want to drink your milk? you didn't brush your teeth."
Shenny: "I brush my teeth at night"
Mommy:"That is different.  Where got people brush teeth at night only."
Shenny still wanted to insist her point: "This's just a milk, milk is water only."


Sheoh Yan said...

I always enjoy listening to children's conversation, they are so innocent. Soon, you will hear your two kids chit chating, I am sure you will have more laughters in another two years time.

Mr Lonely said...

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Merryn said...

i dun understand the first one coz i dun read chinese. But the rest.. aiyo! this girl is one smart girl :D lol.... water oni mah... :P

prince n princess mum said...


Mummy Gwen said...

Hahaha..she is very smart in her answers. Cheeky girl. :)

MK mummy said...

I have always enjoy kids conversation, so funny... my girl is the same too, chewing soooo slow, and when I ask her to chew faster, then she cried and said she doenst know how to chew faster..

Hey, do you FBing?

ChloeRuoyi said...

Hahaha! So, milk and ice-cream are just water to her. Kids' reasonings can be so cute yet true at times :)

smallkucing said...

wakakaka ..pengsan

Alice Law said...

I love the 1st chat, it shows her cunningness!^-^

Have a nice day!

Alice Phua said...

She's good at getting her point across already at such a young age. Salute!

Jenny said...

looks like ur little kid is really growing up eh! talking back to you now! hehehe. but she is too funny la when you think about the things she says :)

jen from

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