Monday, July 26, 2010

Her Buddies

Shenny has many friends that she has known for many years.  They all come from the same nursery school.

Some of her friends are like Shenny that they were also sent to nursery school since they were very little.  Shenny was there when she was exactly 18 month old.  She ate, played, learnt and slept there every day from Monday to Friday, 9am to 6.30pm.  Therefore, the nursery school has become her second home. Sometimes, she even asked us to send her back to school during weekends.  The reason was that she missed her friends there. 

Now, Shenny is 5 year old, she still keeps in touch with few of her nursery's friends because they study in the same kindy.  Again, they study together from 9am to 3pm everyday.  Therefore, these friends are just almost like her sisters and brothers now, mommy thinks. 

One of her closest friends, Leanne whom mommy has the chance to speak to on Shenny's birthday and Leanne's housewarming cum her brother full-moon party.  Mommy realized this little girl is another mirror of ShennyThe way she acts, speaks, both eye and tone expression are almost like Shenny.  Mommy sees them always hold hands to run here and there, hold hands to walk up and down stairs, and sit together to wait for pick up after kindy. 

Shenny claimed Leanne is her best best friend.  Leanne said the same to her mom. 

During her birthday, Shenny took extra care of all her friends.  She almost ignored the rest of guests but mommy always reminded her.  And she even wanted her friends to cut the birthday cake with her together.

Mommy is glad that Shenny knows to create bonding with her friends at such a young age.  Hope her friendship from her "toddler"hood can be long lasting especially those are really good to her.

Below are few of her friends taken during Leanne's house party.
Leanne (left with pink pants), Shenny and Qin Yii at back row.  Xavier was at front. 
Shenny, Leanne (at middle) and Josiah (on the right)
Shenny and Leanne played together.


Inspired Momx1 said...

It's good to have a friendship that blossoms into a long lasting one. :P

Mummy Gwen said...

Shenny is a very friendly girl. She make friends easily. :)

smallkucing said...

Pals for life. What a bliss. At least you can "fong sum" as you know all her friends.

Sheoh Yan said...

Friends are also many types. Good one, we cherish, not that good one, we just keep a distance.

MeRy said...

Many friends...good good..

ChloeRuoyi said...

Shenny has so many friends! Good to see her socializing well with other kids :)

mNhL said...

Good to have many friends.

RoseBelle said...

Reading this post reminds me of my eldest daughter when she was in preschool and how she bonded so close with some of her classmates. She reminds good friends with the ones that go to the same grade school as her.

MK mummy said...

so nice... best friends forever...

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