Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Not So Hard" mission complete

Finally, Shenny is able to play Not So Hard full song at age of 4. week before she reaches 5 year old.  Many thanks to her music teacher, Kelly for her guidance.

Mommy was told Not So Hard song is taught in Gred 3 in piano lesson.  Teacher Kelly would like to test the capability of her Musikgarten students age range 4, 5 and 6, therefore, she taught this song purposely to see how far they could go.  Shenny is the only one in 4 year old in the test.

This song is quite long, so teacher Kelly taught the song in 3 stages.  All learnt by ear.

Shenny could play the song quite fast in first 2 stages.  She missed two music class lesson during school holiday because follow mommy go back hometown.  However, Shenny was still very eager to play the song even in granny's house.  She listened to the song in many times.  Then, she figured out keys by herself, but not so smooth. 

When she was back to the music class, teacher Kelly pointed out her mistake and guided her.  Her mistake was wrongly position her fingers on keyboard that hinder her from making the song smooth.

When she practiced at home, she ever complaint "I can not control my fingers, they do not listen to me.".  However, mommy kept on encouraging her and asked her to practice more to make it perfect. 

YEAH, Shenny made it at last.
Mommy quickly recorded it, put up in youtube, and email her teacher.  Her teacher was happy and would like mommy to convey below message to Shenny:

Tell Shen Ny is proven that PRACTICE and PRACTICE and PRACTICE , one can overcome whatever problems/mistake/wrong fingers/rhythm in music learning....


Sheoh Yan said...

Bravo to Shenny. So good that she has interest in muzik. I am too sure whether my children also interest in muzik. Will check with them from time to time.

michelle@mybabybay said...

*clap* *clap* Very good indeed! I am still waiting for my gal to play like this.

Jenny said...

good job! glad she enjoys it :)

jen @

Alice Law said...

I can see Shenny has put a lot of effort in this song, I bet just give her a week or so, she can defnitely perform it more gracefully! Keep it up Shenny!

^-^ have a wonderful day to you!

ChloeRuoyi said...

Once again, Shenny has impressed me with her flawless and mistake-free performance. Bravo!! She's really good and talented!

I really hope C can play like her one day but I have a feeling that she's not that into music :(

smallkucing said...

Keep up the good work, Shenny. Practice more :D

Inspired Momx1 said...

Well done, Shenny! She brings out the mood of the song while playing and she seems to be enjoying it very much and she is not even 5 yet!

I can't remember my boy playing that well even after almost 2 years in Yamaha.

妈妈知我心 said...


Mummy Gwen said...

Well done, Shenny! She is really a fast learner. Keep it up, Shenny.

MK mummy said...

bravo Shenny!!

dont know when my girl can play this piece leh, she has just started learning piano..

my fb ac is see u in FB ya..

Little Kit Boy said...

Well done, Shenny.

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